Monday, September 21, 2015

In the Style of Saarinen

Nantucket beach house dining via Elle Decor

I love to see a mix of modern and traditional pieces in a home. That tension, as some decorators call it, helps give balance to a room the same way pairings like warm and cool tones, and smooth and rough textures do.

Living room by Jesse Carrier of Carrier and Company

The Saarinen, or Saarinen-style, chair was really one of the first mid-century modern items that I was interested in. The undulating lines of the chair are a perfect foil for the straight legs and sharp edges of dark metal bookcases (like those above) or wood tables (like the one below). The smooth lacquer finish contrasts perfectly with nubby linen or wool boucle.

Via Nuevo Estilo

I could see that the chair was a piece that could not only fit in myriad settings, but give that setting a twist, a fresh slant to the design.

Via Apartment Therapy

Kitchen design by Ashley Putman via Lonny

The pictures above and below touch upon how I would style these chairs in a room. I love the sleekness of the chairs mixed with the rough-hewn wood of oak tables.

Via Fashionably Living

This is a gorgeous version of an oak table I saw in a local Birmingham, Alabama shop called At Home (not the junky big-box one).

Zurich dining room by Steven Gambrel

This combination of pale wood with black tile is fantastic! And adding some greenery and plants is always a good idea. It brings life to a room.

Via Elle Decoration UK

I am not a minimalist by any stretch of the imagination, so I would have to go a bit further with furnishings: adding things like paintings and candlesticks, pretty cushions and rugs.

Chairs Dinnerware ArtworkCurtain Fabric Foyer Table Succulent ArrangementRug Flooring

The Saarinen-style chairs shown above are part of my collection for Chairish. The cushions that come with them are actually the original red-orange corduroy, so I would update them in an interesting new fabric like this faux shagreen:

Faux Stingray Vinyl in Quartz

From all white minimalism to French flair, there are so many decorating approaches you can use to combine pieces of different styles and eras. How do you all handle mid-century in your mix?

I hope you enjoyed the post and will visit back soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ingram Style

I only recently came across this article in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles about the wonderful Bill Ingram's pied-à-terre in Midtown Atlanta. And, goodness, it is perfection.

Isn't it such a masterful collection of old and new, shiny and textured? There is so much to look at but in no way is it busy. What else could be expected from Mr. Ingram. So talented!

Photo via Mark D. Sikes

His Birmingham office in Mountain Brook Village is so pretty, yet unassuming. The trellis work on the door is such a neat touch!

View from inside the office - via Mark D. Sikes

That handsome young blur outside the window is Jimmy Laughlin, who works with Mr. Ingram. He and his equally handsome other half Jacob bought this (now) beauty in Forest Park, which was featured in Southern Living:

This was just down the street from where I used to live, so my dog and I would walk by there all the time. When the work started and the whitewashing began, I knew something good was happening. But, when they added that light fixture by the door, I knew there was an expert at work.

Pottery Barn Porthole Sconce

I wish you could see it better in the picture. It looks sort of like this one but bigger and cooler. Ha!

I always say that Birmingham is a small town disguised as a city. Everyone knows everyone just about or, at the very least, there's that whole six degrees of separation thing going on. I met Jimmy and Jacob once in Avondale nearby and they were so nice. We talked about their house and I remember them commenting then on the size of project they had taken on with it. I remember them talking about how if they could just get the kitchen finished, it would be smooth sailing. Jacob added that then, maybe, they could finally get a dog.

I'd say it looks like it all worked out in the end.    :)

I hope you all are having a great week!