Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ingram Style

I only recently came across this article in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles about the wonderful Bill Ingram's pied-à-terre in Midtown Atlanta. And, goodness, it is perfection.

Isn't it such a masterful collection of old and new, shiny and textured? There is so much to look at but in no way is it busy. What else could be expected from Mr. Ingram. So talented!

Photo via Mark D. Sikes

His Birmingham office in Mountain Brook Village is so pretty, yet unassuming. The trellis work on the door is such a neat touch!

View from inside the office - via Mark D. Sikes

That handsome young blur outside the window is Jimmy Laughlin, who works with Mr. Ingram. He and his equally handsome other half Jacob bought this (now) beauty in Forest Park, which was featured in Southern Living:

This was just down the street from where I used to live, so my dog and I would walk by there all the time. When the work started and the whitewashing began, I knew something good was happening. But, when they added that light fixture by the door, I knew there was an expert at work.

Pottery Barn Porthole Sconce

I wish you could see it better in the picture. It looks sort of like this one but bigger and cooler. Ha!

I always say that Birmingham is a small town disguised as a city. Everyone knows everyone just about or, at the very least, there's that whole six degrees of separation thing going on. I met Jimmy and Jacob once in Avondale nearby and they were so nice. We talked about their house and I remember them commenting then on the size of project they had taken on with it. I remember them talking about how if they could just get the kitchen finished, it would be smooth sailing. Jacob added that then, maybe, they could finally get a dog.

I'd say it looks like it all worked out in the end.    :)

I hope you all are having a great week!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shed a little light on things

Living room by Studio Reed Design

Hello, all! I wanted to share another item that is currently listed on Chairish! I also wanted to give some examples of how this piece could fit in any room. Today, I'm featuring this gorgeous (and massive!) vintage drip glaze lamp:

Isn't that glaze amazing?!

Although this piece is mid-century, I don't think it necessarily has to be used in that setting. You could go all out with vintage pieces - barkcloth curtains and shag carpets - or you could take a different approach....

Living room of Aerin Lauder

I think it would work in all sorts of settings. Against warm, rusty peach walls, like in Ms. Lauder's living room.

Foyer by Bunny Williams via Veranda

Or in grand and glamorous entryway, mixed with classic and modern elements.

Chris Barrett

Home of Cece Barfield Thompson

I love the idea of the lamp in a lovely eclectic setting like the one above. So pretty!

Via House Beautiful

Image via Vogue

Barbara Westbrook

As you can tell, I like the idea of mixing it with other shades of blue and green! I think that combination - along with some warm woods and textural accessories - would keep the lamp, and the room, looking timeless. Here is how I might put it together with other pieces:

Wall Covering - Lamp - Table - Sofa - Tapestry Pillows - Velvet Pillow - Chair - Lantern - Curtains

It would be neat to do some moody artwork as well. I love the selection at Anewall on Etsy. For the room above, I might do something like this:

Or you could go more modern and graphic and do an overscale print like this one:

There are so many ways to blend an item you love with your own things and your own style. You don't ever have to let the age or providence or style of a piece dictate how you want your space to look and feel. Although this lamp may not be what you're looking for, I hope this post delivers some inspiration for your own home!

Madeline Stuart

I hope y'all have a great day! And keep checking my Chairish shop for more fun furnishings, and back here for more ideas and inspiration!

Friday, June 19, 2015

In the Market

Krista Ewart via House Beautiful

Well, I've finally done it... I've started my own vintage collection on Chairish! I am so excited about it and I can't wait to discover more pieces to bring to you all! Here is the link to my "shop", as it is. There are only a few items posted for sale right now, but keep checking back because I have my eye on lots of neat pieces.

Chiavari Chairs

I am really excited about the pieces that are in the shop right now, especially these glowing lovelies. They are Italian, brass, and oh-so-beautiful!

Photo via MyDomaine

I thought it might be nice to see some of the pieces in a variety of interiors. It helps me, at least, to imagine them in my own space!

Nate Berkus designs in Vogue

Here, Nate Berkus uses a low-back version of the chairs to create modern glamour in the apartment of young model, Karlie Kloss.

Home of Furlow Gatewood in Veranda

I can see them in a more traditional setting too, perhaps sitting on either side of a large, warm wood chest like this one, with a pair of prim alabaster lamps on top of it.

Wallpaper by de Gournay

Or you could go ultra-feminine and have the pair on either side of a little table with a gorgeous, bright wallpaper in the background.

Bedroom by Victoria Hagan via Architectural Digest

Whether as sweet little accent chairs or the focal point of the room, I really think these chairs can transform a space. I can't wait to keep adding to the collection and I hope you find something you love!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Scheme of Things

Living room of Frist house in Nashville - McAlpine Booth & Ferrier via Architectural Digest

When I look at pictures of homes, I love analyzing all the different layers of the decor: the furnishings, the colors, the use of light. But one thing that is so important - and such a hallmark of good design - is the basic layout of the room.

Bonesteel Trout Hall

It is a real challenge to make a space functional for those who live there (determining what its true purpose will be, optimizing the flow of traffic, etc.), while creating an environment that is aesthetically pleasing.

Home of editor Deborah Needleman - via Domino

When faced with the blank canvas of a large room or one with multiple uses, the task can be that much greater. I love to see rooms that succeed at it though: carving out spaces to curl up by the fire, play music, or have a casual dinner.

Phoebe Howard

This is a smaller room, but it is laid out so beautifully. I imagine it as a guest room and I don't think it could be anymore thoughtful or gracious. There is cozy bedding, a vanity area, attached bath, side chair for tossing items or putting on your shoes, extra towels, plenty of light, and a soothing color scheme. Perfection.

Chris Barrett

Alice Lane Home

The folks over at Alice Lane Home in Utah have a great formula for floor plans: 1 sofa + 2 side chairs + 1 statement chair. They use it in most of their projects and why not? It looks so put together and classic.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

These last two rooms are the epitome of comfort and grace. Just look at that custom, double-sided sofa above!

Victoria Hagan

Hope y'all are having a great day!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Collective Elegance

Maienza-Wilson Design

I've got a project I'm working on that's going to involve me painting the rest of the day (hopefully I'll have pictures soon), but I wanted to post a few pictures for you guys first!

Miles Redd

Stephen Sills

Richard Holley

Carrier and Company 

Ralph Lauren

Home of Jeff Lincoln via NYSD

White Webb

Patrick Printy via Elle Decor

Can you tell that I love eclectic-styled rooms? 

I hope you are having a great week and enjoying the first buds of spring!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Invaluable - Plein Air Provincial

Welcome to the third and final edition of my Invaluable series where I've been illustrating how to incorporate artwork into the home! So far we've looked at two very different spaces: one featuring old school landscapes and one featuring colorful abstract works. Today I want to look at my favorite genre of painting: plein air! 

Dining area by Peter Dunham

"En plein air" just means "in the open air" in French, but it is often used to describe a style of painting where the artist is capturing not just the landscape, but the atmosphere of the place where the piece was painted: the salty air, the warm sun, etc.

Painting by Lovell

I think one of my favorite types of decorating is what I consider to be California style. But, really, it is more likely California designers' interpretations of French Provencal/country style. Whatever you want to call it, it usually features colorful fabrics, comfortable furniture, and plenty of these "plein air" paintings.

Paint - Curtains - Loveseat - Lamps - Rug

I would start out with either white or pale blue walls. Then I'd start layering on some texture, like these linen curtains and a nubby striped rug. A floral is a prerequisite for any good country house (especially one with a French accent). A pair of bright green lamps would bring a pop of color and a little unexpected crispness to the room.

Reese Witherspoon's living room by Kristen Buckingham via Elle Decor 

The artwork is so subtle in spaces like this, but it is setting the scene and creating a mood in the space.

Invaluable Painting by Albert Namatjira

I would love to have this pair of paintings! Just look at the light in them. You really get a sense of being in the middle of the Australian outback.

Invaluable Painting by Albert Namatjira

Living room by Kathryn Ireland

Suzani by Ayatcreation

I would add in a colorful throw like this since it has such a lovely balance of cool and warm tones.

Chair - Table - Paint

An old farm table, bistro chairs, and fresh flowers add to the bright but casual look.

Sitting area by Schulyer Samperton

Eric Stonestreet's living room by Nathan Turner via House Beautiful

This slightly masculine room by Nathan Turner looks so stylish but, more importantly, how comfortable does it look?! I just want to dive into that corduroy couch!

Invaluable painting by Maslanka

Now it's time to pile on the pillows!

Dining area by Schuyler Samperton

And I mean LOTS of pillows....

Stripe - Lotus - Quadrille - Fig - Floral - Dot

I created this combination of color and pattern because, like with the suzani above, you are balancing the warm tones (i.e., reds, pinks, browns) with the cool tones (i.e., blues, greens, lavender, grey). You also want to balance modern prints (i.e., lotus and fig leaf) with cozier, traditional ones (i.e., stripes and cabbage rose).

One more by the fabulous Ms. Samperton

Again though, it's all about what you love, and what makes you happy and comfortable.

Thanks so much to Invaluable for all the artistic inspiration! And I hope all you readers visit again soon!