Thursday, July 7, 2016


Alice Lane Home

Cause sometimes a room can be livable and an art piece.

Jason Mowen

Seriously, though, these rooms are intriguing me right now. They've got this artsy, calm, orderly thing going on.

Home of Carla Fendi via Architectural Digest 

Love that Joseph Hoffman chair. I know where to find one in the Fledermaus style if anyone's looking. Or you can get a set in a similar style to the one above here.

Frank Babb Randolph

Via Domino

Cute little stool. The Serena and Lily store has so many cute things!

Room by Jonathan Reed

Jonathan Reed

Room by Madeline Stuart

Lauren Liess

Via 1stDibs - Styled by Carlos Mota

Via Traditional Home

These colors and styles make me think of the fabulous Eliel Saarinen house up at Cranbrook that my Mom and I went to while she was in town. I've been before, but it does not get old. The style is unlike anything I had seen and continues to be an inspiration.

Saarinen house living room
Saarinen house living room

Saarinen house seating area in studio

The light fixtures, the textiles. All of it is amazing.

William Sofield

Is there possibly a dark velvet theme going on here? Maybe.

Via Lonny

Not sure what designer was involved in the pic above, but it reminds me a lot of Lars Bolander

Home of Nina Garcia by Aparicio and Associates

And, finally, one of my all time favorites. I think this was the first room I came across in this understated style that really struck me.

I hope you find some inspiration in these!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Weekend Warriors

Via Richard Holley Design

Happy weekend! I hope you're having as much fun as these little guys.  :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Moment of Zen

Madrid home by Isabel Lopez-Quesada

Breathe in, breathe out. Let's get through this Monday together.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


I just saw this article on Better Homes and Gardens this morning and thought I'd share! This is the Birmingham home of Doug Davis, one of the two designers making up Hannon Douglas.

I was lucky enough to visit this lovely home a few years back when it was on the IPC's home tour. The pictures don't even do it justice. Plus, he is super organized so the whole place has this very calm and orderly feel, along with being so artistic and interesting. Definitely worth a look!

Also, check out the Hannon Douglas gallery where you'll see some stylistic variations of the same spaces, as well as snapshots of their other projects.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A little blue and white... and gold.... and green....

Around the house

I was thinking the other day that I really haven't posted many pictures of the places I've lived. I've moved around several times since I started this blog, but, this past summer, I made my biggest move so far. I'm a Southerner, born and raised, and had never truly lived outside of Alabama. Well, I fell in love and followed my heart.... and ended up in Detroit, Michigan.

Antique pier table and dictionary, urn lamp from an estate sale

I'm not gonna lie; it's been a bit of a culture shock. But one thing I love about moving is getting to settle in and nest in a new place. I love the design challenges that a new space brings.

Living room wall with a large map of my home town - still working on sofa pillows

Yes, there were the challenges of combining two people's belongings. But we've got that pretty much sorted now (aka, my stuff wins) and now I'm getting to focus on the details and the palette.

Painting by my Dad, driftwood found at my great-Grandad's lake

Chaise from the house where I grew up

Can you guess what colors I'm favoring these days?

Vases from my aunt, bottles I collected in high school, my ridiculous shelter magazine hoard

I usually tend to have about ten colors to a room, but I'm trying to reign that in a bit to make a more calm atmosphere. I will always tend towards a "more is more" way of decorating, but I try to keep things looking pretty classic and a thread of blue and white throughout a house is one great way to do that.

Bedroom gallery wall - yes, I need two dressers

Can you tell I love collecting? I love this wall in our bedroom because each piece represents a memory or someone I love.... the photograph of Alys Beach at sunset by my very talented sister, a miniature oil painting that my Mom bought me when we were at an auction together, another painting by my Dad, mementos from my travels. That, to me, is what home is all about: representing you and the life you've lived and the ones you love.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Is it spring yet?

Because I am SOOO ready.

Gorgeous California patio by Chris Barrett

Porch by Andrew Law at the District Design House

Mark D. Sikes - his Hollywood Hills garden

Mark D. Sikes - another view of the garden

Tom Scheerer

Backyard at home of Jenna Lyons

Via 1stDibs

I'm seeing more and more of these encaustic tiles these days. I love them for a patio. The Cement Tile Shop has some really pretty ones like this one called "Sofia":

Patio by Hallberg & Wiseley

Landscape by Charlotte Moss

Patio by Yvonne O'Brien

Porch by Laurie Durden via Garden & Gun

Via Southern Accents

Patio by Helene Aumont

Vignette by Richard Holley

Malibu home of Richard Shapiro

Another view and a beautiful sunset....

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Alabama home by Tracery Interiors

I found these pictures in one of my [numerous] folders and I just had to share. My younger sister makes fun of me for my addiction to chairs, but just look at all the possibilities for how to style even a simple side chair. Now, given, these incarnations illustrate a variety of exceedingly elegant styles. But still. You could use the most inexpensive piece purchased off Craigslist to make a similar statement.

Home of Ryan Korban via The Selby


Foyer by Thomas Hamel

Okay, okay, so this look would be harder to just throw together, but you could still have a neat little moment in your own entryway using an unusual antique chair like this one, paired with a more modern piece like that concave sconce.

Todd Alexander Romano via Lonny

Adding an organized grouping of pictures is a perfect way to enhance a lonely corner of a room.

Home of Jim Aman and John Meeks via NYSD

Blarg. This is so perfect. The leather on the chairs, the sculpture, the pictures and they way they are hung. The bit of irreverence in the design. (See that skull?) Love, love, love.

Foyer by Victoria Hagan

And speaking of perfection... Victoria Hagan is a master. I love this serene, traditional look. Tapestry-covered chairs? Gorgeous!

I hope you all have a happy day!