Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Return to English Country

Vignette by Rosa Bernal via Nuevo Estilo

In honor of our little milestone yesterday, I decided to revisit a topic that is responsible for the most viewed post on my blog: English country interiors. Since this seems to be a favored subject (and I want to pay tribute to all my wonderful viewers out there), I thought I must give you more of what you want!

Living room by Kemble Interiors

Classic English style: warm and rich with layers of texture and color.

Vignette by Charles Faudree

Although Faudree is better known for his French-inspired interiors, I think there is a bit of the English politeness and subtle sophistication in this pretty little vignette.

Photo courtesy of Country Living

I love this room. It is sensible and slightly masculine, and has the most wonderful English touches (such as the portraits and that fabulous Regency-style chair in the foreground)!

Image of foyer courtesy of Cote de Texas

Isn't this picture so beautiful in its simplicity, with its marble-top console, rustic basket, and antique hall chairs?

Home of Bunny Williams - Photo courtesy of NYSD

Vignette by Cathy Kincaid

Design by John Peixinho

What a cozy space. I love the long ottoman by the fireplace and the way the mantel is set with such delicate pieces.

Design by Joe Minton

"The British brought back many different cultural influences from their colonies, so we didn't just stick to one type of furniture or style", says Minton. I think this design objective is what creates that layered look present in so many English-style interiors.

Living room by Sara Gilbane

Have a great day!

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