Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Calm and Collected

Living room by David Easton

Don't you just love rooms that look like they've been assembled over time: built, piece-by-piece, with objects loved and treasured by the owners?

Sitting area by Jill Morris

As I was just telling a new friend of mine (who inspired the addition of some David Easton, above), I adore eccentric accessories and this tiger rug and bird display are no exception!

Design by Muffie Faith of Elizabeth Stuart Design

Doesn't this picture just glow? It has a feminine touch, gilded and pretty, but, with a limited color palette, it stays serene. 

Bedroom by Stephen Sills

Design by Fiona Weeks

I love the deer skin pattern on this carpet. What a neat way to bring neutral color and subtle texture to the room.

Dining room by Jeff Woosley of Interiors 2

This room is part of one of my favorite homes ever. I think it was featured years ago in Southern Accents (my old favorite shelter mag).

Living room by José Solís Betancourt

What a mix this room displays: lucite, moire, velvet, oriental rugs over sisal/jute.

Vignette by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Living room by Robert Couturier

This room is so warm and inviting with its golden and coral tones, plentiful seating, lots of pillows, and intricate tapestry fabrics. Just lovely.

Design by Dan Carithers

What can I say? Deep, dark, warm... and beautiful.

Vignette in home of model Laura Ponte - Photo courtesy of Nuevo Estilo

I think this is possibly my favorite vignette ever. I can't stop staring at the fabrics (faded gray-lavender, mauvey pink, and bronzed yellow) and the stacks of books and objects on the shelves.

I hope you are having a relatively calm day wherever you are!

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