Monday, April 4, 2011

For the birds

One of my favorite rooms of all time

I love it when designers have a signature: that piece of furniture, fabric, or accessory that they turn to again and again that puts their creative stamp on a space. One of my favorite designers is Tom Scheerer. His interiors are always bright, full of texture, and inventive. Since I spend so much time going through his portfolio, I began to pick up on a certain avian influence in his work.

Personally, I love the exotic, yet almost Victorian style the bird prints bring to his interiors. I have always been fond of Audubon and other botanical and natural history prints, and these Olof Rudbeck prints used by Scheerer are no exception.

What a difference these prints can make in a room! Try to imagine botanical prints or landscape paintings in their place, and you begin to see the atmosphere that these curious and novel prints impart. I think the scale of the prints also adds to their dramatic effect.

But, Mr. Scheerer is not alone... Apparently Jeffrey Bilhuber enjoys birds too!

I hope everyone has a good week ahead of them!

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