Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heart of Dixie

Photo by Sally Mann from Deep South

Yesterday, the South was hit by massive storms. Tornadoes, some a mile wide, ripped through parts of Alabama, including Birmingham and my hometown. There are so many people hurting here today. There are still so many people missing, so many people gone (160 and counting), and so many people's homes destroyed.

I want to appeal to all of my readers today, if you want to help out, give to Alabama's chapter of the American Red Cross. If you go to "Donate Now", select "American Red Cross Disaster Relief", and then you can select the county to receive the funds. (Birmingham-Jefferson is where I live and Calhoun County is where I am from.)

Photograph by Sally Mann

Thank you for your support, and thoughts and prayers for everyone across the South today.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tipping the Scale

Living room by Bunny Williams

Large rooms are always a challenge. Whether the rooms are tall or wide, finding pieces that match the scale of the space can prove to be difficult. Whenever I think of scale, I think of John Saladino talking about monumental, residential, and human scale. With big rooms, you have to break up the space into liveable portions.

Design by Sara Gilbane

These designers don't seem to have any trouble tackling these vast spaces, using large furniture, built-ins, curtains, artwork, and other accessories to make the most of every inch.

Living room by Fiona Weeks

I love how these rooms still feel spacious, without feeling cavernous. In the room above, Weeks capitalizes on the height of the room and vaulted ceiling with the bookshelves and mantel surround, while large scale furniture (like the sofa in an eye-catching gingham print) and colorful oriental rug bring the focus down to the seating level.

Vignette by Chris Barrett

I love this pretty yet grand table and how it contrasts so well with the more modern (but coordinately large) artwork above it.

Living room by Diamond Baratta Design

Multiple seating arrangements are a great way to break down a large space like the one above. Not only do you end up with lots of places to sit (great for entertaining), but it creates a nice flow for the room, leading the eye from one spot to another.

Design by Madeline Stuart

Sometimes rooms are so large that it's hard to even tell that the scale of the pieces within it are as grand as they actually are. For instance, look at the greenish blue lamps on the console above. At first glance, they don't seem that large, until you compare them to height of the sofa and fireplace, and begin to see that they are probably over three feet tall each! 

Living room by Dan Carithers

I love the room above. The recessed overdoor, the simple but beautiful chandelier, the massive tapestry, the exposed wood beams, and those cushy full-sized couches all work together to create a space that is elegant but warm, as well.

Bedroom in home of Matthew White - Photo courtesy of NYSD

Have a happy hump day!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Orange Crush

Design by Gil Schafer

Orange has become one of my all-time favorite colors. Without conscious intention, this cheerful hue slowly permeated my home in the form of pillows, throws, urns, and mats around favorite pictures. Before I knew it, orange was the color I was turning to to brighten up every corner of my home!

Vignette by Suzanne Kasler

Apparently these designers feel the same way, as they have brought orange to a bevy of their own design projects. Suzanne Kasler seems to especially favor the color, using it as an accent in many of her elegant spaces.

Foyer by Suzanne Kasler

Living room by antiques dealer Angie Warwick - Photo courtesy of Country Living

Whether used as an all-over wallcolor or just in touches throughout a room, I think this color brings a cheerfully modern warmth to any space.

Design by Jay Jeffers

Bedroom by Amelia Handegan

I love the apricot undertones of the happy wallcolor above.

Great room by Kemble Interiors

Here, citrusy pops of color from the accessories brighten up the grays and blues of this cushy seating area.

Foyer by Tom Scheerer

Tom Scheerer chooses a bold red-orange shade for this foyer....

Living room by Todd Alexander Romano

.... while Mr. Romano selects subdued, rusty tones for the upholstered pieces in this arrangement.

Design by Cathy Kincaid

Living room in home of Eric Cohler - Photo courtesy of NYSD

Whether used in spaces that are metro-modern or tastefully traditional, this color is at home anywhere!

Dining room by Timothy Whealon

I always like to end with a photo that, for one reason or another, stands out to me. I absolutely love the room below. You can just tell that a creative force lives here. There is something so bold and yet so comfortable about this space, making it one of my absolute favorite rooms.

Living room in home of hair guru John Barrett

Here's to a great week ahead!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cupid, draw back your bow...

Living room by Timothy Corrigan

I thought I would wrap up the week with some pure elegance. This room has long been one I return to for inspiration. The scale of the pieces, the way the artwork is hung, and the fabulous arrow accents catch my eye time and again. (Those gilded arrow tables and curtain rods are just to die for!)

For me, finding beauty in the small things is so important. When things are messy or confusing or stressful, I find it so therapeutic to just stare at this kind of beautiful image and, soon, all seems right with the world again!  :)

Have a truly wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Soiree

Table setting by Victoria Pearson

I don't know what it is about spring and warmer days that makes me want to celebrate. Maybe it's that the winter is on its way out and summer (my favorite season) is on its way in. Or maybe it's just my own willingness to be out in the world more, when I don't have to brave bone-chilling winds and "wintry-mixes".

Tablescape by Eddie Ross

Either way, it makes me want to get together with the people I care about and have some fun, and these table settings - done in a variety of bright and cheerful colors - are a great place to start for getting some spring soiree inspiration!

Yellow table setting by Eddie Ross

Dining room and table setting by Alberto Pinto

Funny, but this color scheme makes me think of Mardi Gras! Ha! I love these colors together, though, and the fabulous orchids as centerpieces.

Tablescape by Kelly Wearstler

Lots of gold, grounded by wood and other earthy accents. In typical Wearstler style, this spread is glamorous but with a very LA casual coolness about it.

Dining room and layout by William Yeoward

What post about table settings would be complete without mention of Mr. Yeoward? With collections ranging from table linens and crystal to dining tables and chairs (and several books on the subject), Yeoward's joy for entertaining is unmatched!

Dining room by Dan Carithers

Dan Carithers shows how a more neutral theme can still be festive. This setting, with its casual gingham, comfy chairs, and earthy china (all energized with a pop of color from the cheery chrysanthemums), is sure to make his guests feel right at home!

Table setting by Dan Carithers

Our last two photos of the day come from the brand new online magazine High Gloss. Created by style maven and fellow blogger Paloma Contreras (of La Dolce Vita), High Gloss is a one-stop shop for photos and ideas on interior design, fashion, and intriguing travel destinations. A must read for sure!

Dining room and tablescape by David Jimenez

How sexy and fabulous is this setting? The lighting is the real star here: with ambient light emanating from the lamps and picture lights around the room, and accent lighting on the table from the votives (which are reflected in the mirrored tabletop). I think just about anyone could look good in this kind of setting!

Table setting by David Jimenez

I love how well the orange, from the flowers and china, works with the blue-green of the wall color: such an elegant and modern palette! I would love to get an invite for this fête!

Have a great Thursday, everyone! The weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Fine

Living room in Lisa Fine's Paris apartment 

Colorful, layered, cozy, elegant, collected. Love!

Other side of Lisa Fine's Parisian living room

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Touch of the Unexpected

Design by Dan Carithers

I love rooms that have a touch of the unexpected, a bit of playfulness, that keep more traditional rooms feeling fresh and, well, happy.

Vignette by Mary McDonald

I love Miss McDonald's use of malachite obelisks here. They are so unique and also complete the collection of green accents in this tabletop vignette.

Design by Angie Hranowsky

Bedroom by Eddie Ross

Traditional elements, like the pair of Louis XVI-style beds with coronas overhead, contrast perfectly with a giant robin's egg painting.

Design by Tilton Fenwick

How pretty is this tufted chaise? Its orange upholstery and the large patterned wallpaper update this hearthside arrangement.

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Seaside Sublime

Dining area by Stephen Sills - Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

I think I have a serious case of spring fever. Ever since it started warming up here, I cannot stop dreaming of the beach.

Study by Westbrook Interiors

So, what better way to channel that yearning than to imagine my very own beach house? (I love how the study above exudes a sort of Charleston/Isle of Palms kind of beachy vibe.)

Foyer by Nathan Turner

Let's see, it would need to be light and bright, but still elegant. (I'm not much of one for themes.)

Living area by Tom Scheerer

It would certainly need lots of space for lounging. (It is a vacation home after all!)

Seating area by Lauren Gold and Sasha Adler of Nate Berkus Associates

If you can't tell, I am quite fond of pale pinks and blues in a beach house. To me, it keeps the color palette cool and soft, but has an element of the unexpected.

Outdoor dining area by Kemble Interiors

It would also need a gorgeously lush outdoor area...

Kitchen by Bonesteel Trout Hall

... And a bright and airy kitchen. (I just love the color of the cabinetry!)

Bedroom by Domino founding editor Deborah Needleman

Of course, you would also want your guests to have a comfortable place to stay.

Vignette by Bunny Williams

But, most importantly, you must have a beautiful bedroom retreat for yourself!

Bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors

Here's to a wonderful week ahead, you guys! (And, hopefully, a beach getaway too!)