Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tipping the Scale

Living room by Bunny Williams

Large rooms are always a challenge. Whether the rooms are tall or wide, finding pieces that match the scale of the space can prove to be difficult. Whenever I think of scale, I think of John Saladino talking about monumental, residential, and human scale. With big rooms, you have to break up the space into liveable portions.

Design by Sara Gilbane

These designers don't seem to have any trouble tackling these vast spaces, using large furniture, built-ins, curtains, artwork, and other accessories to make the most of every inch.

Living room by Fiona Weeks

I love how these rooms still feel spacious, without feeling cavernous. In the room above, Weeks capitalizes on the height of the room and vaulted ceiling with the bookshelves and mantel surround, while large scale furniture (like the sofa in an eye-catching gingham print) and colorful oriental rug bring the focus down to the seating level.

Vignette by Chris Barrett

I love this pretty yet grand table and how it contrasts so well with the more modern (but coordinately large) artwork above it.

Living room by Diamond Baratta Design

Multiple seating arrangements are a great way to break down a large space like the one above. Not only do you end up with lots of places to sit (great for entertaining), but it creates a nice flow for the room, leading the eye from one spot to another.

Design by Madeline Stuart

Sometimes rooms are so large that it's hard to even tell that the scale of the pieces within it are as grand as they actually are. For instance, look at the greenish blue lamps on the console above. At first glance, they don't seem that large, until you compare them to height of the sofa and fireplace, and begin to see that they are probably over three feet tall each! 

Living room by Dan Carithers

I love the room above. The recessed overdoor, the simple but beautiful chandelier, the massive tapestry, the exposed wood beams, and those cushy full-sized couches all work together to create a space that is elegant but warm, as well.

Bedroom in home of Matthew White - Photo courtesy of NYSD

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