Monday, September 30, 2013

A Kitchen Teaser

Kitchen by Marjorie Johnston & Co.

So the little house I live in was built in the '20s as guest quarters, and it has a kitchen that certainly reflects that. The ceilings are soaring (with cabinets that do make full use of that space), but the extremely limited square footage makes it a bit of a squeeze. (Think 63 sq ft.... then add a fridge, a dishwasher, sink, etc.) 

Deep gray-blue kitchen by San Fran designer Jonathan Rachman

Take into consideration the fact that I've started doing a lot more cooking at home, and now I cannot stop dreaming of a kitchen renovation! I've got lots more beautiful kitchen photos to show you, but, with my regular computer in the hospital (LOVE Best Buy's insurance program, by the way), it will be a sec before I can post all of them. So here is a sample: a couple of bright, well-planned spaces that are currently inspiring me!

Here's to a great week ahead!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Too long

Here it is: I have no excuse. I have not posted in forever, and it is no one's fault but my own. My apologies. So, with that said, let's get back to it!

Living room by Genevieve Faure - via Architectural Digest

I love this style. Some people have the ability to make each piece, every object in a room, look like a work of art. Your eye happily hops around looking at this thing that is grand and that thing that is diminutive. Just lovely.

By Katie Stassi Scott of Katie by Design

Darryl Carter says, "It's about curating things I love that you wouldn't necessarily think go together." 

Darryl Carter via Elle Decor

Despite the monochrome of this room, it seems like a very usable and comfortable space. Carter certainly has a knack for restraint and the ability to edit. He says that his design is about "discipline and subtlety". I believe I lack both in my own interiors. A friend once entered my house and immediately stated, "Whoa. You have so much.... stuff!" Ha! Although it is not a philosophy I can live, I can certainly appreciate it.

Foyer by Yvonne O'Brien of The Private House Co.

Texture and sparkle and color all in one lovely vignette!

Timothy Whealon

Can you see how each piece holds its own?

Home of Ronald Bricke - via NYSD

Boys bedroom by Sarah Richardson 

Bunny Williams

Doesn't this chair fabric make you think of a sketching by Matisse?

Victoria Hagan

Hallberg-Wiseley Designers via Architectural Digest

Kay O'Toole of Houston via Cote de Texas

This one is a bit grainy, but what a wonderfully rosy glow! I love that Aubusson rug thrown over the table.

Suzanne Rheinstein via Elle Decor

The pic above has probably been posted a million times, but for good reason! The layout, the color scheme, and the classical furnishings are all done in what feels like a decidedly non-traditional way. 

Suellen Gregory via Veranda

Contrast seems to be the key to this room. I love that she decided against symmetry here and did black lamps on one side of the fireplace and white on the other. It creates that wonderful tension that is so visually arresting.

Frank Babb Randolph via Veranda

I could seriously go all day posting these gorgeous pictures. It really is amazing how many original designs that people can come up with. I love the subtle warmth of this particular room. It also reminds me of how my little sister once told me that I had a serious chair addiction.... Looks like I'm in good company with Mr. Randolph here!

I hope you all have a great week ahead and I will post again soon!