Friday, October 29, 2010

My English Country House

Entry by Eileen Boyd

You are cordially invited to...... my imaginary English country house! Yes, it is only in my dreams (and pieced together like Frankenstein from many different homes), but, if I did have a little cottage nestled among the crags and fells of Northern England, I think it would have to look something like this!

Foyer by Robert Couturier

Does it get more British than a solemn grandfather clock? I love the tidy simplicity of this beautiful foyer.

Design by Michael S. Smith

Apparently toile (and chintz) play a big part in my make-believe getaway! How precious and cozy is this bedroom by Tom Scheerer, though? I love those bird prints and the exposed beams!

Design by Tom Scheerer

Design by Todd Romano
 Of course I'd have to have a toasty fireplace to cuddle up next to! Aren't the contrasts great in this room? I love all that exposed stone paired with the bright and formal chintz. (And check out that brightly striped shade!)

In the home of Anthropologie's Keith Johnson, panels of antique toile fabric are framed and hung as artwork which, combined with the large-scale gingham on the coverlet and the stripes on the chair, create a cozy and casual feel in the room.

Our final photo of the day is the epitome of English country elegance: a sunny room by Jill Morris. Can't you just imagine the Bennet sisters stopping in this anteroom to whisper their secrets, or Darcy staring, broodingly, at himself in that fabulous mirror? (Anyone else a Pride and Prejudice fan?)

I love the globes, those huge sconces, and that patinaed green on the walls! Understated and worldly elegance at its best!

Happy Halloween! Have a wonderful weekend!

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