Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fabulous faux bois

Chair from Williams-Sonoma

One of my absolute favorite fabric patterns is faux bois (and its close relative, moire, as well). For you non-Francophiles, "faux bois" simply means false wood and aims to simulate wood's grain (as opposed to the bark/trunk of a tree). These fabrics come in a variety of colors, but, I think, the neutrals make the most of this fluid pattern.

Although, to me, an interesting and modern pattern, it is still hard to find examples of its application in the mainstream design world. I think this will soon change as this fabric can bring such subtle depth and movement to a space.

John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross use a small Saarinen table and one faux bois throw pillow to make a sweetly traditional settee more modern in their gorgeous New Jersey home. (You must check out the whole house at Elle Decor!)

In the living area above, Jesse Carrier uses the wavy fabric to give warmth to a modern space.

In this gorgeous dining room by Andrew Raquet, the faux bois chairs and striped rug provide a casual touch that contrasts with the rest of the glamorous space. The pattern reminds me of rain dropping on the surface of water, again creating quiet movement.

Glimmering Gracie wallpaper, Greek key-trimmed curtains, delicate faux bois dining chairs, and a four foot pagoda? How could you not love this room?!

I am all about interiors that are elegant, but I think there needs to be interest and intrigue in them, too. Finding things that make you smile and keep you thinking are invaluable to an happy, and engaging, home!

Let me know if you can find more examples of this fabulous fabric!

Happy Tuesday!

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