Monday, October 18, 2010

How's it hanging: Part I

Did I mention that I love art? Well, do I ever! As you will see in this two-part series, I cannot get enough of layer upon layer of portraits, paintings, prints, and other picturesque paraphernalia! (Apparently, I can't get enough alliteration either!)

Jay Jeffers knows the way to layer color, art, and furniture styles, as you can see in the photos of this dining room above. I love how this room is a twist on traditional with a combination of oil portraits, mid-century mod dining table and side chairs, sculptural hands centerpiece and glass chandelier, and the fresh, graphic look of the armchairs and console.

Study by Robert Passal

Stairway by Steven Gambrel

Some keep the groupings on a strict theme, perhaps using the same style of art. Passal features nude sketches in the study above, whereas Gambrel displays a collection of painted portraits that lead you up the staircase.

Some prefer to unify their collection with similar frame colors or styles. Tori Mellott, the former decorating editor at the late Domino magazine, created this fabulous display above her sofa using dramatic black frames to unite the pictures and contrast them against the neutral Farrow & Ball wallpaper.

Philip Gorrivan uses the same technique, framing a variety of paintings and prints in shimmering gold. The effect is more subtle, reflecting continuity, and also adds a bit of polish to the black-and-white banquette and the neutral finishes on the tables and chairs.

Personally, I love to mix up the styles and colors of artwork, mats, and frames. As Joe Nye put it best, I love a room that is "heavily layered with lots of pretty clutter!"

I love the mix of colors and textures in this living room by Ashley Whittaker. Those cozy green walls, woven side tables, flashy red concert poster, and flame stitch and zebra-print chair cushions combine perfectly to create a comfortable and thoughtfully personal space.

Unknown from Domino

I will leave you today with a photo of a stairwell by John Loecke Inc. I think this design well illustrates the medley of artwork that I find so attractive, and figuratively leads us into the next post where we will delve even more into the art of hanging.... art!

Here's to a - in the words of my sister - glorious week! :)

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