Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How's it hanging: Part II

So we're back here today to take a look at more inspirational photos of, well, photos... and paintings and sketches and such!

I think I love art groupings like these so much because there are no rules to it, no set format. All you need are the items that you love (a family photo, a scrap of your favorite fabric, an old concert poster) and you are set to create a truly gallery-worthy collection.

I love this quiet corner by fellow Southerner, Timothy Tew. An avid collector and art advocate, Tew operates a contemporary fine art gallery in Atlanta, and you can see his passion for the paintings he promotes in the lovely collection above.

I like how the art, in this room by Michael Bastian, flows over the surface of the walls, up the hearth, and over the windows, giving a cozy richness to the otherwise airy space.

Room of unknown design

In this fabulous room by Angie Hranowsky, the quirky and colorful artwork dances across the walls and down to the polished, ebony floor. The patterns in the upholstery and rug neither compete nor clash with the intriguing prints, but, instead, compliment and enhance them.

I have saved my personal favorite for last here: a wildly bold and gorgeous bedroom by Matthew Williams of Bliss Home & Design. I am smitten with it all: those blue walls, that chandelier dripping with crystal, the antique trunk, the inlaid bedside table, the faux bois fabric on the armchair, the huge lamps, those linens, and all that fabulous art!

I love how even pottery (note the plates and platters behind the headboard) found its way up there. What an ingenious, eclectic, and supremely glamorous room!

Now get your hammer and a big box of nails and create a gallery all your own!

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