Friday, October 22, 2010

Sur la table: Part I

Table decor by Meg Braff
Ever since I read Joe Nye's "Flair", I have been obsessed with everything sur la table! (More about Nye in a moment...) I just love looking at these beautiful table settings and all the wonderful little details included. Take a look at those fabulous salt and pepper shakers that Braff uses above: so ornate and polished, the perfect combination of function and interest.

Here is the same room at a distance. I love that, when you are actually at the table, it acts as its own little world. And, when formally setting a table, you can create whatever world you like!

Tablescape by Melissa Rufty
I love the tulipiere (aka, the jar holding the flowers) used by Rufty above. I recently purchased a tulipiere of my own and, since I am moving soon (yay!), I cannot wait to use it! (I will definitely be posting a host of pictures once I get settled in!)  

I love how the table setting here matches the design of the room (by Tom Scheerer). It is so soothing and natural, with the woven placemats and simple china and glassware.

Miles Redd certainly knows how to keep things fun and bright. (Oh, what I would give to go to one of his dinner parties!) Here, he contrasts a bold blue (on the tablecloth, glasses, and those super fun foo dogs) with red plates and carnations. Festive and exotic, yet with a modern elegance.

Since Joe Nye literally wrote the book on tablescapes, we can't forget to include some of his gorgeous settings! This particular tablescape was featured on the cover of "Flair", and I can absolutely see why! Not only does it feature a good helping of my favorite color (pink!), but it also uses my dream fabric! (I believe it is Le Lac by Bruschwig & Fils, but Nye states it is actually by Travers?)

Gold, leafy candlesticks, pink china, black goblets, and black bamboo flatware? Perfection!

I will leave you this week with a picture from a room by the elegant and eclectic Ms. Nussbaumer.

More beautiful tablescapes to come! Have a wonderful weekend!

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