Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lounge Act

I'm feeling a bit run-down today so, I thought, what better subject to feature than spaces meant for luxurious lounging! Wouldn't you feel like royalty, curled up under the silk canopy above? (Note how the canopy curtains are lined in a gorgeous muted lavender!)

These spots for relaxation and repose need not be traditional, though, overflowing with fabric and downy pillows. As John Barman shows us above, a modern space can still make a wonderful retreat for reading (or napping). 

Unknown design

I love the use of plush bolster pillows on daybeds, and how drapery fabric (such as in the room by Eric Lysdahl below) can be used to further define the space. It acts almost as a cocoon, enveloping you and creating a sanctuary withing a space.

Hard to believe, but the picture above is actually from an office! Jay Jeffers certainly knows how to lavish comfort upon his customers (or perhaps his employees on their lunch breaks), with this lobby seating area.

Last, but certainly not least, is this fabulous living room by Eileen Boyd. I love orange, and I especially love it when paired with pink! Boyd balances these hot tones with muted neutrals, like the lovely seagrass bed and the cool white of the rug and walls.

Almost half-way through the week! Happy Wednesday!

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