Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pretty Pastels

Design by Joe Nye

Although I usually err on the side of bold, jewel tones in my decor, I am starting to see the light.... the pale lightness of pastels, that is!

I am absolutely gaga over the room above. I love the mixture of pale and bright tones, and that rug is just to die for!

Photo courtesy of desiretoinspire

I appreciate the sort of non-committal tactfulness of the design above. The walls, upholstery and furnishings are neutral, while the pillows and rug bring in the color. These accessories could easily be traded out for ones in dark greens and deep plums and change the whole look of the space. It's not a bad idea to keep your options open!

Jay Jeffers keeps the look of this dining area serene, using blue and lavender to quiet the bright space.

If you live in Palm Beach, you really need a way to cool down your interiors (figuratively and literally), and Kemble Interiors does just that in this ultra-feminine sunroom of an old church transformed into an abode.

Design by Katie Ridder

How glamorous is this room in the home of PR guru Georgette Farkas?! I love those plush pink bergeres and the lavender walls that flow right up onto the ceiling! Traditional layout and furnishings in modern color combinations? Perfection!

Here is one last pastel place for the day: a room designed by the versatile Thomas Britt. There is so much to see in this room: whisper-pink walls, brightly striped curtains, those loopy, white Frances Elkins chairs, the striped rug that leads your eye through the room, and that huge armoire! What a lovely room to end on!

Happy Thursday to all! (Almost to the weekend!)

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