Friday, September 14, 2012


Photo courtesy of D Magazine

I love the west and, more specifically, I love Texas. I am a true Heart of Dixie, Southern kind of girl, but there is really something that calls to me about the wildness of the west. (Plus the gorgeous, Spanish-influenced architecture doesn't hurt either!)

I definitely have that traveling feeling again, and, coming up in just a few short weeks, there is a really good reason to: the Round Top Antiques Fair! Anyone going?

I hope you all have a happy Friday and wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Light and Dark

Has it been too long? Why, yes, yes it has. So let's get a move on, then!

Sunlit Alabama home by Tracery Interiors

One of my friends recently repainted her home and she was worried over whether or not the color would be too dark. This is a reasonable concern if you're going for light and get dark by mistake. But, if you just can't decide between the two schemes, then lets do some comparing... 

Gallery style arrangement by Eric Cohler

Dark means cozy and sexy. Dark rooms have an instant ambiance that bleached interiors just can't imitate.

Bedroom by Hallberg and Wiseley

But, man, bright rooms sure are nice! Isn't this bedroom fabulous? I love the African accents, like the Kuba cloth pillow and chief chair, alongside the modernist headboard and wonderful Artemide Tizio lamps.

Living room by Dan Carithers as featured in Southern Accents

Are you looking for cozy....

Living room by Jesse Carrier

Or open and airy?

Salon by Katie Leede-McGloin for Veranda's Greystone Showhouse

Saturated color....

Spanish style interiors by Mark J. Williams (I think)

Or totally white-washed?

Den by Elaine Griffin

This room is nice because it gets so much light during the day, but don't you just know that, at night when those wonderfully textural shades are drawn, it just comes to life in a different way, with those chocolate walls just enveloping you?

Living room by Christina Rottman

I love this space. It is simple, but comfortable. It has an artist's loft sort of look, and I love how the window showcasing that amazing greenery looks like a piece of art itself.

Study in home of John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross

Another fabulous room from one of my favorite houses EVER. It was featured in Elle Decor a few years back and the interiors of Dransfield and Ross' lovely home amaze me still. (Yes, I still have my 2010 copy. Don't judge my packrat ways.)

Bedroom by Mark J. Williams

Umm, yes please. I want this bedroom. Although I am obsesssed with canopy beds (see here), a true canopy bed can be a bit much. (Have you ever slept in a true, totally upholstered one, because it gets HOT!) However, I love this incarnation. Hanging the fabric from the ceiling gives you that same canopy-like cocoon, while accentuating the height of the room and leaving the space feeling airy and light. I also just adore that furry carpet... What better way to hide the sheddings of your own furry creatures!

Over the years I have done light and dark. My bedroom in a previous home was a pinky-chocolate color whereas my house now is coated with layers of glossy, quarter-formula Cliffside Gray from good old Ben Moore. I think different phases in life need the appropriate alterations in the home. That way your home always reflects you and stays your own personal haven.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good remainder of your week, and I will be back again soon!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Design by Patrick Printy - Artwork by Robert Flynn

When indecision has struck hard on a Monday morning, all I can do is open my image library, close my eyes, and pick something beautiful to post. So, here you go: Louis XV-style armchairs in what I believe to be a Les Indiennes fabric, a Roost Pasha coffee table, and a fabulously colorful and quirky piece of art by the late Mr. Flynn.

Here's to a great week ahead!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday morning around the house...

View from my front door

Spring has certainly sprung here in Alabama. The dogwoods, azaleas, and wisteria color the landscape against the backdrop of the most vibrant green. It really is beautiful, especially after the last couple of stormy days!

Sophie, my endlessly patient German Shepherd

And while Sophie spends her morning rolling in the grass (or getting her picture taken by the weather-beaten azaleas), I love to spend my Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee (preferably in one of my John Derian for Target marblized mugs), curled up with a recent shelter magazine or design book.

I snagged this lovely by the editors of Southern Accents at 2nd & Charles

Today's read was this treasure trove of Southern interiors from homes across Alabama and Virginia and everywhere in between. Can you tell I'm a smidge biased to Southern style?

The view from my fireside chaise

The flowers really are gorgeous right now, so I've been trying to bring the outdoors in with arrangements around the house.

A tiny arrangement on my bedroom mantle

How do y'all spend your lazy Saturday mornings?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Ode to JRD

Dining area in wine country estate

Some of you may not have heard of Jonathan Rachman Design yet, but I don't think that will be the case for long! He is a very talented San Francisco designer who has been featured in Sunset magazine, California Home + Design, as well as Better Homes and Gardens.

I wanted to feature him in my post today in honor of his One Kings Lane sale going on right now. If you haven't been over there to check it out, you really must go. His collection of vintage and antique items is so fun.

I love how Jonathan pays so much attention to detail. I mean, just look at all the tables, shelves, and such, and how artfully everything is arranged. Just lovely.

What a sunny space! I love banquettes! The chairs add that unexpected touch of whimsy.

There are so many different textures and colors here, but, not only do they not overwhelm, the space actually feels quite serene. What do you think about all that lavender?

Jonathan is also adept at working with a range of styles and on a range of projects. From modern....

To traditional...

From hotels and inns....

Lobby of Inn of Chicago

To boutiques...

Luxe shopping at Heidi Says

His designs really are beautiful, and I wish him the best with lots of continued success!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A great, big Southern "hello"!

Driveway to Furlow Gatewood's Georgia home - Courtesy Veranda

Well it has been WAAAAAAAAY too long since I've posted! How has everyone been? My life has been all over the place. I'm not a huge country music fan, but I think a Keith Urban quote is apropos here: "I got no money in my pockets. I've got a hole in my jeans. I had a job and lost it, but it won't get to me." Hee hee! So that about sums up my last few months. I worked with a professional organization and design firm here in town and it just "didn't work out", as my ex-boss said. Oh well. :)

But, it won't get to me, because I can get back to some super fun posts for y'all! So, here are some lovely interiors from "the prettiest country from Georgia to Tennessee". Enjoy!

Dining room in Birmingham home of Melanie Pounds

Piedmont Driving Club bar by Jackye Lanham

Quiet simplicity in foyer by Texan John Phifer Marrs

Thoroughly eclectic living area by Atlanta-raised Miles Redd

Come on, you all knew I was going to have to throw in some Miles Redd in a Southern mix! Yes, I am a little obsessed.

Seating area overlooking kitchen in home of Birmingham architect Bill Ingram

Bill Ingram is a prominent architect around these parts, but his interiors are also quite beautiful. His homes (primary and vacation) have been featured in House Beautiful (photo above), Southern Accents, and Cottage Living. They are generally masculine, but have a soft, earthy feel to them.

Living room with hints of pink by Tracery Interiors

I had the lucky privilege of attending the Independent Presbyterian Church's home tour this past Christmas season (a tradition for many here in Bham). I particularly enjoyed getting to see the Tracery-designed Birmingham Home & Garden Inspiration Home, as well as the actual home of Tracery designer, Doug Davis. Tracery interiors are always warm and especially elegant, but I love that there always seems to be the tiniest undercurrent of playfulness. Like the flashes of hot pink above or the large needlepoint of deer hanging on the wall in the Inspiration Home, they deftly insert touches of the unexpected in all their designs.

Bedside vignette by another Texan, Richard Holley

Love the black, love the objets, love the chest, love the drooping greenery.... This is just such an interesting layout to look at.

Living room in Georgia home of Furlow Gatewood - courtesy of Veranda

And last, but not least, the living room of Furlow Gatewood, John Rosselli's associate and antiques buyer in the South. This house, every room, is magnificent. If you did not get to see it featured in Veranda (May-June 2011),  you can see some of the pics here.

I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and, I must say, it's good to be back!