Monday, March 19, 2012

A great, big Southern "hello"!

Driveway to Furlow Gatewood's Georgia home - Courtesy Veranda

Well it has been WAAAAAAAAY too long since I've posted! How has everyone been? My life has been all over the place. I'm not a huge country music fan, but I think a Keith Urban quote is apropos here: "I got no money in my pockets. I've got a hole in my jeans. I had a job and lost it, but it won't get to me." Hee hee! So that about sums up my last few months. I worked with a professional organization and design firm here in town and it just "didn't work out", as my ex-boss said. Oh well. :)

But, it won't get to me, because I can get back to some super fun posts for y'all! So, here are some lovely interiors from "the prettiest country from Georgia to Tennessee". Enjoy!

Dining room in Birmingham home of Melanie Pounds

Piedmont Driving Club bar by Jackye Lanham

Quiet simplicity in foyer by Texan John Phifer Marrs

Thoroughly eclectic living area by Atlanta-raised Miles Redd

Come on, you all knew I was going to have to throw in some Miles Redd in a Southern mix! Yes, I am a little obsessed.

Seating area overlooking kitchen in home of Birmingham architect Bill Ingram

Bill Ingram is a prominent architect around these parts, but his interiors are also quite beautiful. His homes (primary and vacation) have been featured in House Beautiful (photo above), Southern Accents, and Cottage Living. They are generally masculine, but have a soft, earthy feel to them.

Living room with hints of pink by Tracery Interiors

I had the lucky privilege of attending the Independent Presbyterian Church's home tour this past Christmas season (a tradition for many here in Bham). I particularly enjoyed getting to see the Tracery-designed Birmingham Home & Garden Inspiration Home, as well as the actual home of Tracery designer, Doug Davis. Tracery interiors are always warm and especially elegant, but I love that there always seems to be the tiniest undercurrent of playfulness. Like the flashes of hot pink above or the large needlepoint of deer hanging on the wall in the Inspiration Home, they deftly insert touches of the unexpected in all their designs.

Bedside vignette by another Texan, Richard Holley

Love the black, love the objets, love the chest, love the drooping greenery.... This is just such an interesting layout to look at.

Living room in Georgia home of Furlow Gatewood - courtesy of Veranda

And last, but not least, the living room of Furlow Gatewood, John Rosselli's associate and antiques buyer in the South. This house, every room, is magnificent. If you did not get to see it featured in Veranda (May-June 2011),  you can see some of the pics here.

I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and, I must say, it's good to be back!



  1. Thanks for the mention...I am glad you enjoyed the tour! I love the hot pink on that shot from House Beautiful too...there are about a million peonies in that bowl on the coffee table!

  2. Hi, Doug! Sorry to be so slow to respond! I truly was obsessed with your house on that tour! It was so perfect (design-wise and organizationally)! I saw that you are now working at your own firm Hannon Douglas. Congratulations! I'm sure it is a busy but exciting time for you!