Sunday, October 23, 2011


Foyer vignette by White Webb

Hello, everyone! I am so sorry it has been forever since my last post! But I am back and ready to dive right into some beautiful interiors!....

Packing the same intensity of orange, the warmth of red, and the subtle sweetness of pink, persimmon manages to add both energy and interest to any space.

Dining area by Carole Weaks

I love the unexpected pairing of this coral/persimmon upholstery with the exposed wood beams and walls of this cabin. Warmth and sophistication in perfect harmony!

Landing by Lichten Craig

Persimmon and green? Quite the bold choice for such traditional interiors!

Living room by Elaine Griffin

Aren't these chairs so inviting? Their wide cushions give off that "have a seat" feel, while their frames politely declare "I'm a classic". Even more perfect is that they're situated directly below Elaine's homemade collection of pop-art prints.

Library in home of Matthew White - Photo courtesy of NYSD

White goes all the way with color in this small library...

Dining room by John Phifer Marrs

While Marrs takes the drama up a notch with chocolate and black accents.

Living room by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller

Here you can see how just a touch of this color can enliven the most neutral of spaces. Goodness, how much I love Carrier and Company: love the patterned pillows, love the giant portrait, love it all!

Today's last space comes from a designer whose personality is as lively as the color she uses here....

Foyer by Bunny Williams

I hope you all have had a great weekend and have a great week ahead!


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