Monday, April 25, 2011

Orange Crush

Design by Gil Schafer

Orange has become one of my all-time favorite colors. Without conscious intention, this cheerful hue slowly permeated my home in the form of pillows, throws, urns, and mats around favorite pictures. Before I knew it, orange was the color I was turning to to brighten up every corner of my home!

Vignette by Suzanne Kasler

Apparently these designers feel the same way, as they have brought orange to a bevy of their own design projects. Suzanne Kasler seems to especially favor the color, using it as an accent in many of her elegant spaces.

Foyer by Suzanne Kasler

Living room by antiques dealer Angie Warwick - Photo courtesy of Country Living

Whether used as an all-over wallcolor or just in touches throughout a room, I think this color brings a cheerfully modern warmth to any space.

Design by Jay Jeffers

Bedroom by Amelia Handegan

I love the apricot undertones of the happy wallcolor above.

Great room by Kemble Interiors

Here, citrusy pops of color from the accessories brighten up the grays and blues of this cushy seating area.

Foyer by Tom Scheerer

Tom Scheerer chooses a bold red-orange shade for this foyer....

Living room by Todd Alexander Romano

.... while Mr. Romano selects subdued, rusty tones for the upholstered pieces in this arrangement.

Design by Cathy Kincaid

Living room in home of Eric Cohler - Photo courtesy of NYSD

Whether used in spaces that are metro-modern or tastefully traditional, this color is at home anywhere!

Dining room by Timothy Whealon

I always like to end with a photo that, for one reason or another, stands out to me. I absolutely love the room below. You can just tell that a creative force lives here. There is something so bold and yet so comfortable about this space, making it one of my absolute favorite rooms.

Living room in home of hair guru John Barrett

Here's to a great week ahead!

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