Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mountain High

Kitchen by Dan Carithers

As the temperatures rise here in the South (as, I imagine, everywhere else), it makes me think of a tradition held in some parts of the country of retiring to higher ground for the summer, where the air is crisper and even a few degrees cooler makes all the difference in the world.

Foyer/hallway by Kim Winkler of Westbrook Interiors

I think a mountain house can be warm and inviting - and atmospheric in a rustic sort of way - without being cliche or overbearing in its presentation of theme. (Although a few antlers here and there are to be expected!)

Great room by Kathleen H. Rivers

The room above is from a house located in Cashiers, North Carolina. Cashiers and its close neighbor Highlands (covered by Southern Accents some years ago) are two hot spots for escapees from cities across the South (such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Charleston, and even Birmingham).

I think this room is a great example of tastefully rustic design, which Rivers says was inspired by the mellowed, layered look of English country houses. Southern antiques and handsome fabrics mix beautifully with exposed wood beams, weathered stone, and exotic tribal rugs.

Paneled bathroom by Westbrook Interiors

As you are probably beginning to see from my selection of photos, there are certain fabric patterns I favor for a rustic, mountain or lake house setting; gingham, ticking stripe, and crewel being the front-runners.

Dining area by Jane J. Marsden Antiques & Interiors

I love all the fabulous rugs used by these designers. Whether tribal or traditional oriental, rugs can really complete a room, don't you think?

Bedroom by Jill Morris

Vignette by Phoebe Howard

Guest house living area by Marshall Watson and Jeffrey Kilmer

What a beautifully eclectic room! I love how it has crewel and gingham, a fabulous mix of antiques (Swedish, Italian, English), flashes of gold accents, and those perfect lanterns. A lot of thought was given to the wall treatments, as well, where a combination of beadboard (around the fireplace) and multiple layers of pigment and glaze, applied by decorative painter Judy Mulligan, was used.

Porch by Myra Hoefer

You've got to have a place to take in the cool mountain breezes, too!

Bedroom by White Webb

When paired with a simple iron bedframe and unfussy furnishings, the crewelwork becomes the star of this elegant room.

Living room tableau by Elaine Griffin

We are finishing off the post today with a picture that, I think, perfectly exemplifies sophisticated mountain style. With a deer-head chandelier, neutral fabrics on classic furnishings, oversized hurricanes, and a grand oak-leaf arrangement, this room perfectly illustrates a theme done right!

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend (for my Stateside readers) and I hope for a great week ahead for everyone!

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