Monday, September 19, 2011


Dining room by Wendy Meredith

The weekend before last I went to Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta (which is fabulous, by the way), and, although there were beautiful antiques of myriad backgrounds and styles, it was the early American and English antiques that grabbed my attention.

Maybe it's because my interest has been piqued by this style recently (think Darryl Carter and Bill Ingram) because I was working on my traditional, masculine study (pictures to come), but, either way, I have a new and growing appreciation for the classically blended, English-inspired "American" look.

So, today, I thought I would pay homage to that style with some photos of homes that are modern incarnations of classic American design (where Windsor chairs and Wedgewood abound). Enjoy!

Bedroom by Eddie Ross

Breakfast area by Phoebe Howard

So much character in such a small space (with the beadboarding perfectly punctuating the style). 

Grand foyer by Diamond Baratta Design

The formality of this grand foyer is played down by breaking the space up into smaller seating areas and by using durable, unpretentious materials like the embroidered pillows and the braided rug (which was an early American staple since carpets from Europe and Asia were not available - or affordable - to colonialists).

Den by Tom Scheerer

What a cozy but fun seating area: the bold coral of the upholstery against the white walls and wood accents. It is modern without seeming overtly so (especially when Scheerer throws a sculptural high back Windsor and pair of bobbin corner chairs into the mix).

Bedroom by Stephen Sills

Again, another cozy room, this one complete with fireplace, quilts, and those lovely black-and-white lithographs. So warm and serene.

Photo courtesy of Country Living

Classic, a little cluttered, but comfortable!

Bedroom by Chad Eisner

Love the stripes, love the quilt, love the trunk.

Dining area by Windsor Smith

What a lovely room. I am not usually a fan of the Windsor chair, but, here, it is the perfect, graphic counterpoint to the clean white walls. The rustic wood table and interesting artwork so casually propped on the mantle, all handsomely complement this delightful space.

Here's to a great week ahead, everyone!

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