Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Let me tell you, I love the color pink. From rich raspberry to barely-there blush, I don't think any other color can create such a glow in a room. Of course, your use of pink can be restrained to a few accent pieces or fully committed with petal-hued walls. It's really up to you how rosy you want to go!

Now, I believe in diving head first into color, so most of the rooms featured in this post are fairly saturated. However, they still show great design and give examples of where to add color, whether you decide to turn the volume up or down on the intensity.

 Suzanne Kasler knows how to warm up a room with color. Although she painted only one wall of the dining room above in this cooler-toned pink, it was just enough to add a nice glow to the whole room.

The linen colored walls and furnishings in this dining room offset the pale, coral-hued drapes and accents just enough to make the room feel soothing, sophisticated, and calm.

Both of the photos above are included in Suzanne's wonderful book Inspired Interiors. I have recently finished reading/perusing it and just love all the pictures, ideas, and tips she included. I highly recommend it!

Designer, Mary McDonald, is certainly not one to shy away from color, and her expertise allows her to pull off the bright pink above perfectly!

Kelly Wearstler's interiors are always exciting. From residential projects to lavish hotels, she knows how to bring gilded glamour to any space.

The following photos feature blushing spaces by Steven Gambrel, a designer I just recently came across (although he's been around for years). His website describes him as having a "passion for timeless, comfortable houses that improve with age", which I think describes these two spaces perfectly. Regardless of the rich, rose wall color, these rooms have a classic feel, making them seem like they've been there for a century.

 Like I said before, you don't need flushing pink walls to create a glow in your room (although I highly recommend it!). Accents as small as a bouquet of peonies or as striking as full-length coral curtains, can bring just the right level of luminosity that you are looking for.

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