Monday, August 30, 2010

Texture through color (and vice versa)

His fearless use of color and the melange of artwork he uses in his projects make Miles Redd another one of my absolute favorite designers. His interiors make for perfect examples of how to gain texture through color and, also, color through texture.

Note how the black and white stripes create movement and depth in this room... how the blue in the curtains cools off the space while the ruffles create softness and visual interest... how the red coffee table adds a touch of intense color while adding another textural element of glossy lacquer (one of my favorite finishes!)... Need I even mention the wonderful cheetah/leopard print on the two side chairs? A perfect contrast of the classical and the wild.

Cool stone, vibrant roses, leafy artwork, cheery paint. I am loving this whole composition.

How bold can you go? In this gleaming, yet masculine, bedroom above, the answer is "very"!

I know there is a lot going on in this fairly traditional room, but, be patient, and really try to let your eye scroll over every inch: the rich oriental rug, the lush velvet on the couch, the dainty trim on the lamps, the sheen of the various hardwood surfaces. What a complex and warm picture it paints!

This picture encapsulates what I try to achieve in my own home: color, texture, playfulness, and the comfort of being able to sprawl out anywhere!

I love the contrast of pink and red. It is so unexpected (and, I'm sure, not for everyone), but seems to have an almost European feel to it.

The picture above and the one just below are from one of Miles' projects that was featured in House Beautiful magazine (yet another "absolute favorite" of mine) in July of last year. 

So much to see in this last pic: the leather, the lacquer, the patterns, the pictures, and, of course, the colors!

There are so many ways to bring color and texture into your home. Think of every item or treatment or fixture you buy as an opportunity to create depth: artwork (paintings, photos, prints), paint (high gloss, eggshell, flat), hardware (chrome, polished nickel, rubbed bronze), fabrics (chunky chenille, shimmering silk taffeta, Belgian linen). The possibilities are endless!

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