Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspiration Interpretation

For our next installation in the "Inspiration Interpretation" series, we look to the Gilded Age, or Belle Epoque, for direction. My lovely friend Trisha sent in the photo above as her inspiration item: the haunting yet glamorous fashion print by Paul Poiret from 1912.

Although my work on her room is not yet complete, I thought I would include you all in some of the process (in my classically rambling train-of-thought style, of course).

Living room photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Because I know Trish, I have a little more info than I would starting out on just anyone's project. She is a hip gal who exudes a combination of Midwestern warmth with a good dose of European (particularly French) flair. Her living room walls are currently painted in a muted green color, not unlike Farrow & Ball's "Vert de Terre" below.

I see her style as a blend of fin de siecle bohemian and Art Nouveau flair mixed with "granny chic" coziness... with a dash of Gilded Age glamor thrown in. When I look at the Poiret print above, the word that first comes to mind is drama. Now, I don't think the whole room should be painted black with gilded sconces and a merlot-hued Chesterfield, but I do think the room should capture a touch of that ambiance.

Living room by April Sheldon

In order to find the balance between cozy and moody in this space, I think there needs to be some cool, unexpected color to temper the reserved, yet mellow, green on the walls: in this case, smoky gray-blue and deep indigo. If you look at the Poiret print, you will see these colors featured in much of the background (as well as her wall color in the dress cloaking the lady on the right).

So, with these musings as my jumping-off point, I shall continue my quest to create a warm, Parisian-style room for my fabulous friend....

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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