Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soothing Neutrals

Living room by Garrow Kedigian

After the busy weekend (and yesterday's extensive post of it), I wanted to focus on some easygoing rooms that make you just want to say, "Ahhhhhh".

Design by Erinn Valencich of Omniarte

Using a palette of creamy ivories, washed-out blues, greys, and greens, as well as a bevy of natural textures from linen to seagrass, these rooms please the eye with their serene composition.

Bedroom by Elizabeth Martin

I love that this bedroom uses five different patterned fabrics, but doesn't feel in the least bit busy or garish.

Seating area in Kips Bay Showhouse by Charlotte Moss

Bedroom by Joe Minton for the Southern Accents Riverhills Showhouse

Bedroom by Ginger Barber

Is it just me, or is gingham popping up everywhere? This pretty pattern is one that is definitely growing on me.

Living area by Chad Eisner

Living room design by Phoebe Howard

What a lovely room for our last post. I love the florals, the bobbin chair, and the peachy beige on the walls of this room.

Here's to a happy (and, hopefully, stress-free) day!

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