Monday, June 6, 2011

Take Home: Bernd Goeckler (cont'd)

Foyer in home of Bernd Goeckler

Alrighty, so where did we leave off?.... Ahh, accessories!

So, we need to gather some interesting accessories for the console table. First, I would find a nice little piece of framed artwork to just lean against the wall.

Framed Architectural Column Print in "Corinthian" by Pottery Barn

I love the architectural element of this print and the washed-out color of the frame. Adding subtle texture and color to a vignette is always a good idea (especially for only $47)!

Next, we need a pretty (but large) glass vase for the table.

I found this blown-glass version at Home Goods for only $20 (and it is almost a foot tall)! I like the pale amber color and irregular shape. (Again, adding another texture/color to the mix!)

A pretty vase like this is going to need some flowers and I think some in a happy, pale pink color are just the ticket!

Vignette by Joe Nye

Just as Joe Nye illustrates in his fabulous book Flair, carnations are a great option when you want lovely, but inexpensive flowers that will last forever! (Even a large bouquet of carnations will usually still be under $10!)

Table setting by Joe Nye

Or, if you prefer a totally neutral palette (and want to stick with grocery-store-flower options), you could go with a very large arrangement of baby's breath as Nye does above. I would definitely stick to his rule, though, and use this flower only by itself.

Now all we need are a few unique little doodads and our space is complete!

Roman Sandaled Foot Sculpture from the Met Store

A foot, you say? Yes, a foot. I love this. It is so different and sculptural and you are not going to see this in anyone else's house! (What a conversation starter! And right there at your front door too!) It is pricey ($125), but I think it is worth it for that "wow" factor!

Moorish Brass Pitcher from TheTonyHouse on Etsy

Here we add a little more brass into the mix, while also gaining a slightly exotic element. (Doesn't it have that genie-in-a-bottle sort of feel?) It is $42 and a perfect addition to our happy vignette.

Welding Votive Holder by Anthropologie in Lavender

This little guy (only 3 inches tall) is only $10 and adds that perfect amount of sparkle that we need to finish our table arrangment!

So, let's gather up all our [make believe] receipts and calculate the grand total for our room....

Drumroll please....

Alrighty, so for everything from the furniture and tapestry to the books and flowers (but not including paint), our total is $1330!

Not too bad considering the first tapestry we looked at was $90,000! I know it is still a significant amount, but this price is for a completed room, and most people tend to accumulate things over time, not all at once like this.

So, I hope the next time you look at a picture of a beautiful room and think, "I wish I could have that look", remind yourself that you CAN!

Here's to the idea that anything is possible and a great week ahead!

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