Monday, June 13, 2011

Worldly Wise

Home of Madeline Weinrib

Whether kuba cloth pillows or tribal masks, Moroccan rugs or Indian block prints, I love a bit of exotic flair in a home!

Guest bedroom by M. Design Interiors

Home of Theory's Istvan Francer

One of my favorite rooms ever! I love the accent colors (lavender and orange - so unexpected), the kuba cloth pillows, the glass lamps, the portraits, the accessories... I love it all!

Bedroom from the Viceroy Mayakoba - Design by Kelly Wearstler

Dining area by Peter Dunham

Typical Dunham style: colorful, cozy, and classically eclectic. (Yes, yes, again with my alliteration!)

Bedroom by Westbrook Interiors

Isn't this room so bright and so interesting? What an amazing combination of pieces.

Library by Tom Delavan
I love the traditional seating mixed with modern (aka, the Saarinen table and zig-zaggy task lamp) and exotic (antique suzani and tribal masks) elements. So sophisticated!

Bedroom by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Sky-high mosquito netting? How dreamy!

Living room by Thomas Hamel

As you can see, exotic doesn't have to mean wild or over-the-top. These spaces are comfortable, sophisticated, and sure to intrigue both guest and owner alike!

Here's to a great week ahead!

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