Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Living room by Cathy Echols - Photo courtesy of High Gloss

Hmm... Let's see... exotic orchid, tiny skulls, antiqued mirror, loads of velvet, antlers, leaf green medallion-print wallpaper, and four-foot rock crystal chandelier. What, your living room doesn't look like this? Ha!

I personally think it is fabulous and, for this client of Cathy Echols, it is home! I am a big fan of the unexpected in interiors and, apparently, Miss Echols feels the same way.

"My style is many things: eclectic, collected, created by my travels and experiences," says Echols. Exactly how I think a home should be!

Hope y'all are having a good day out there!


  1. Where is that couch from please?

  2. Hi, Anna! I'm sorry to be so slow to respond! I dug around but couldn't find the exact manufacturer. However, I know both Lee Industries and Paul Robert carry a similar style. If you look on their websites under the Store Locations or Where to Buy tabs, you should be able to search your area. I hope you find one!
    Here is Lee Industries' version: http://www.leeindustries.com/style_detail/lee/id/7932-11/in/7932_11_0410
    Here is Paul Robert's: http://www.paulrobert.com/ViewStyle.aspx?StyleNo=197