Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why so blue?

Living room by Peter Dunham

I really like the color blue (even more so now that my two-year-old nephew goes around declaring that "bwoo" is his favorite color). It really is suitable in a range of interiors, but its soothing effects are universal.

When paired with a neutral color scheme, it creates an atmosphere of cool and quiet....

Bedroom in home of Katie Couric by Eric Hughes

Dining room by Dan Carithers

But, when paired with gold accents, it is the epitome of sophistication.

Living room by Lisa Sternfeld

Living room by Robert Couturier

Whether streamlined traditional....

Design by Angele Parlange

..... Or fresh and funky (love that Frances Elkins chair!)....

Bedroom by Sara Tuttle

... Glammed up with Hollywood-regency style....

Vignette by Robert Couturier

.... Or punctuated with drama-inducing colors like black and red....

Seating area by Robert Passal

This leopard actually can change its spots!

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!

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