Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bedroom challenged

The bedroom in my new place is a little on the small side, but it is cozy and comfortable. The problem is, it is not quite "done". It needs curtains, maybe a bedding revamp, but I cannot decide what direction to take it in, what colors and fabrics to use, etc.

So, I thought today's post would be a small sample of bedrooms that I think are fabulous and are currently giving me some design inspiration.... despite the fact that silver-plated canopy beds are unlikely to be in my future!

Bedroom by Michael S. Smith

The room above is cozy, yet elegant and worldly, definitely what I'm looking for in a room.

Bedroom by Delphine Krakoff

This room by the spirited Miss Krakoff is so glam and modern, yet plush and luxurious, again, aspects I would love to have in a bedroom.

Bedroom by Alex Papachristidis

This is one of my absolute favorite rooms of all time. Although my design personality leads me to more layered and colorfully eclectic interiors, I cannot help but be overcome with admiration for the sheer beauty of this room. The drape and color of the curtains, the contrast of the gold frame of the mirror and the warm wood tones on the Biedermeier chest to that gorgeous wall color, the chandelier, the plush bedding, and the scarce, yet engaging accessories all combine to create this extravagantly elegant space. Papachristidis is, to me, one of the all time greats.

What are your favorite aspects of a bedroom?

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