Monday, November 15, 2010

Luxe Lodge

Room by Christopher Coffin

It's another wet winter day here in Alabama, and my desire to hunker down inside has led me to a post all about the coziest of places: lodges. Yes, there may be a few antlers on the walls, but these are no run-of-the-mill, wood-paneled cabins!

Home of designers Dick Ridge and Rod Renault (courtesy of NYSD)

I guess my vision of a lodge is a bit more opulent and, again, British-inspired than something you might see in a true hunting lodge out in these Appalachian hills, but the theme is the same: cozy and warm.

Room by William Hodgins

Bedroom by Kemble Interiors

Bedroom by Christopher Coffin

I love the exotic flair in this room! It is so perfectly contrasted with the more traditional elements, like the oil portrait and vintage luggage around the bed.

Great room by Eric Lysdahl

One way to infuse a lodge-style interior with more modern flair is to use different finishes or pieces in a different style. Although the great room above has all the traditional lodge touches (wood paneling, antler chandelier, comfy furnishings), I love how Lysdahl gives it a mod twist by using a strictly black-and-white color palette. 

Study by Jay Jeffers

Jay Jeffers uses mid-century modern chairs and paneling in a lighter tone to create a more contemporary look in this traditional study. Check out that pair of swords and the brass horn lamp!

At the end of the day, if you've got a roaring fire and a comfortable place to sit, you've got cozy lodge-style perfection.

Design by Cathy Kincaid

Here's to a great (and, hopefully, sunnier) week ahead!

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