Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rooms to inspire

Design by Eric Cohler

I am a bit short on time today, so I figured I would just post a few pictures that I have been pouring over recently. Whenever a photo makes me stop in my tracks, I will spend countless hours staring at every inch of the featured room, trying to figure out what exactly makes it so great.

I am a big fan of Eric Cohler. His style can range from Park Avenue ladies-who-lunch traditional to misunderstood-and-underappreciated-artist eclectic. He is a native New Yorker, and you can see his lifelong exposure to, and passion for, art in his home. (I will post more pics from his home featured in NYSD later.)

Eric Cohler's living room

I also love his perspective on a home: "I want to feel enveloped and cosseted. To me that’s the ultimate luxury: to feel not only secure in my own space but enveloped, with wonderful things around me." I totally agree.

Entry by Eileen Boyd

There is something so warm, yet modern and artsy, about this entryway. I love the pattern on the chairs and the arrangement of the artwork, but there is something else there, something that makes it not just good, but great.

Bedroom by Phoebe Howard

I love this little vignette by Howard: the delicate bamboo stool, the tiny nautical painting, the gorgeous lamp, and shimmering bud vase.   

Living room by Anthropologie's Keith Johnson

I can't even tell you how many times I have stared at this room by Keith Johnson. Cozy, layered, and elegant, this room encompasses all of what I want my home to be.

Here's to finding interiors that inspire you!

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