Friday, March 27, 2015

Invaluable - New Traditional

Bedroom by Graci Interiors

Hello there! So we're back again for the second edition in my series featuring the artwork of Invaluable!

Painting by Frank Henry Shapleigh

I often think how nice it would be to have paintings like you would see in a museum, hanging around the house like it's no big deal. But the idea of going to an auction house and bidding seems very intimidating. Well, Invaluable takes the formality right out of the picture and connects people directly to original art that can turn regular Joes (like me) into "collectors"!

Bedroom for Kips Bay Showhouse by Alexa Hampton

I was raised in a proper 1980s Southern home, with lots of chintz and Victorian antiques around. Some might think it stuffy, but I loved it. It didn't hurt that my Mom is a rockstar when it comes to putting rooms together. And, although she's ventured away from the rich red chenilles and vibrant Lee Jofa prints of my youth, in her heart, she is still a traditionalist. This apple fell a bit farther from that tree, but I will admit that my roots are still firmly planted there. I like to think of my style as "new traditional", like the hip young(ish) version of that old Victorian style. Ha!

Painting by David Johnson

I think people tend to see landscape paintings as sort of stuffy or imposing as well, but they SO aren't! They are all about the beauty of nature... and color... and light. Plus, they're typically housed in equally fabulous gilded frames, which brings glamour to a space.

Atlanta Symphony Showhouse bedroom by Melanie Turner
I would play up that sense of glamour and drama, while melding it with more modern elements. Imagine a bedroom with walls in a deep, elusive color like Benjamin Moore's "Sharkskin"  below...

Hung with precisely placed paintings like the Invaluable ones...

Bedroom by Phoebe Howard

Then I would use pastel hues and nubby fabrics to soften the space....

Screen - Lamp - Chandelier - Tables - Fabric

I love the proper English side tables and linen screen combined with the more modern lighting and chinoiserie fabric.

Shelving display by Phoebe Howard

Dark/light, soft/nubby, wood/gold... All those juxtapositions keep things from feeling too stale. Then each element shines!

Painting by Henry Hunt

I hope this helps illustrate what you can do with just a few key pieces in a room, including beautiful artwork. It really just comes down to bringing together the things that speak to you, and making a space truly yours.

Good luck and I hope you have a great day!

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