Monday, March 9, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

Hello and welcome to Luster Interiors! The blog I started and then sorta kinda didn't post anything on for a really, really long time. Ha! Well, here I am and I've got soooo many pictures saved up, it's ridiculous.

So it's that time of year where I think non-stop about tropical locales and swaying palms and all that good stuff. (If I'm being honest, this is the whole year.... but I digress.) Well I was digging around the other day for pictures of non-traditional landscape design and I hit the jackpot: Raymond Jungles.

As the name would imply, he and his firm tend to work in jungle-like atmospheres, such as this amazing compound outside Miami. I love all the texture: the concrete and the pebbles, the trees and Spanish moss. Each cluster of leaves and foliage looks like a perfectly arranged vignette, yet it still appears so natural.

I think one of my favorite things about it is the lack of a traditional grass yard. It seems like he works with plants that are native to the area and don't require heavy care to survive. The firm's website talks about stewardship of the land yet the execution of these projects doesn't read as limited, but lush and beautiful.

In my head, this garden would be surrounding my glorious little tucked-away beach house where I would pad around the place barefooted, tropical drink in hand. I think in some places, a kitchen like this one by McAlpine Booth & Ferrier would seem a bit cold with the concrete and angular furnishings. But, I tell you, in Florida, in the summer, cold is exactly what you are looking for! The modernism and cooler shades are a perfect foil for the warm temps and riot of color outside.

Heather Chadduck via At Home in Arkansas

I think I would keep that cool, neutral feel going in the rest of the house too. Although I typically use more color, I really love this bedroom. It could be looking out over the garden through big windows or french doors. I'd probably add just a hint of blue as they did in the living room of the same lake house.

Love the stone and the pitched ceiling (and the bar). So great. I really have SO many more ideas for a variety of vacation homes. Maybe I'll have to post some more soon!

Until next time!

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