Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Invaluable - Contemporary Color

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Whenever I'm working on a space, I look at the layout, furnishings, curtains, etc. But the one thing that probably gives a room the most personality - and the thing that can punctuate the personality of the owner so well - is art. I've done posts about this in the past, but I was recently approached by Invaluable to do a different sort of post. Invaluable is an auction website devoted to the sale of all manner of beautiful paintings: abstract, landscapes, portraits, watercolors. However, they understand that figuring out how to make those pieces work in your home can be a challenge. That's where I come in!

Invaluable painting by Marie Raymond

In order to give you some inspiration as to how to incorporate artwork into your own home "gallery", I thought I'd create three very different spaces in three different styles, all featuring artwork currently on auction at Invaluable.

Living room by Jolene Ballard and Amanda Malson of Domicile ID

Foo Dogs from FeelinVintage on Etsy

For the room in today's post, I'm imagining a bright feminine space, full of fun and life. First, I would drench it in a color like Benjamin Moore's "Cactus Flower".

Then I would bring in accessories that complimented the boldness of the color, but put a cool, glamorous, modern spin on it.

Chair - Leaves - Pillows - Bar Cart - Pottery - Lamp

How fabulous are those Chiang Mai Dragon pillows! Indigo blue, hot pink, and leafy green make such a great color combination too. And don't forget a little bit of gold!

Then I would do a light, modern style sofa atop a fun floral rug like this....

Rug by Safavieh
But then you need your artwork!

Living room by Angie Hranowsky

I love how Angie Hranowsky's work usually involves a good dose of color and a really good dose of abstract art.

Invaluable painting by Rod Withers

 I would do a few mid-size pieces like these, hung vertically, maybe over the bar cart.

Invaluable painting by Roberta Harris

Is this painting not fun?! There is just something so playful about it.

Entryway by Jonathan Berger via House Beautiful

I think "playful" is probably the best way to describe this kind of room. But what better way to start and end your day, than in a space that makes you smile?

Invaluable painting by George Kleiman

I already talked about my obsession with oversized art here, and this piece certainly fits that bill. It clocks in at a whopping 70 inches tall by 93 inches wide! Love it!

No matter what pieces you choose, the key is to have fun and not take the whole thing too seriously. It's your home and you're the one living with it, so make it a place you love!

More fun with art next time so stay tuned!

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