Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Over the moon for overscale art

Artwork says a lot about a person. (Like that they're a huge Dirty Harry fan perhaps?) I love collections of artwork (as you will see in an upcoming post), but, sometimes, one overscale piece makes a much bigger impact than even a hundred separate pictures could.

I absolutely love this room in the home of Victoria Pearson. It is cozy and earthy, and that wonderful picture of a hawk is the perfect addition. Although it is the only piece of art on the walls, the room doesn't feel like it's lacking in artistic expression. Between the wooden floor lamp and the oversized hawk, the room feels engaging and interesting, while keeping a calm, minimalist air.

Sometimes overscale art can be used to bring a new color into the space. The flowers in the picture above tie into the pale blue/lavender of the pillows, while the green in the background adds a new element of freshness and depth.

The black fabric panel and lampshades in the room by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard below add drama to what would be a rather neutral, airy space otherwise.

Room by Eric Cohler

Overscale art can also bring a graphic element into a room. I love how the pattern in the artwork above contrasts with the ladylike bench and cozy pillows. The same effect is found in the living room at the home of Philip Gorrivan, below. The linear shapes in the photo by Michael Wolf complement the chevron striped curtains, but contrast with the plush sofa and classic console. I love the creative tension these pieces can create!

Rooms above and below by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

In this gameroom at the home of Windsor Smith, a polar bear overlooks the space, bringing some depth to the endless black walls, but creating a bit of playfulness as well.

Space by Miles Redd

Miles Redd and Peter Dunham both have a handle on playful. I love all of their richly textured and brightly colored work. Their creativity is endlessly inspiring!
Room by Peter Dunham

Even a traditional landscape painting can have the same impact as a more graphic piece when it's done in a super-large size.

Our last picture for the day features an artist I just love (and dicussed at length in a previous post), Massimo Vitali. His prints are always amazing in larger sizes because you can make out so much of the detail that makes his photos so fascinating. 

You don't have to buy artwork from a gallery to achieve this style. I took a photo from a trip to Italy and had it blown up to almost four feet wide! I had it done at FedEx Kinkos and it was not expensive at all! Perfectly artistic, but perfectly personal as well!

Here's to living large!

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