Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I want a.....

..... Canopy bed! Yes, I want one so bad I can taste it. I just don't think any other kind of bed can conjure the romance and coziness that a canopy can. I am currently obsesseing over the Charles P. Rogers "Campaign" bed above. I love its clean, simple lines and how it is reasonably affordable. You could really take this bed in any style direction you wanted. 

Bedroom by Maryland designer, Stiles T. Colwill

Anyway, it got me searching for designs featuring canopy beds that skirt traditional style (like that above) and create spaces that are more eclectic, playful, modern, or whimsical.

In the room above, Angie Hranowsky uses a traditional canopy style, but mixes it up with festive fabrics and Moroccan-inspired octagonal tables. In the bedroom below, Hranowsky uses a funky chrome bed, suzani-type coverlet, and mod lamps to create a more modern air.

I love the picture grouping and plush bedding in this bedroom by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. The glittering candelabras add to the opulence in the room, yet offset the masculine feel.

Home of designer Windsor Smith

Whether gleaming and luxurious or minimalist and masculine, these beds work everywhere!


Timothy Whealon knows the style range of canopy beds, taking a more eclectic approach in the room above by matching a traditional bed with layers of stripes and lucite side tables. In the room below, Whealon keeps it prim and proper, with an almost British colonial feel, by using a canopied day bed, richly textured fabrics, and a steamer trunk coffee table.  

I just love the dreamy quality in this design by Katie Ridder. Perfect for a bedroom, don't you think!

Another supremely talented mix-master, Michael S. Smith, creates cozy and comfortable interiors in both of these bedrooms (above and below). I love the mix of fabrics he uses in his projects. There is always so much texture in them: velvets, leathers, linens, and silks! Embroidery and rich weaves abound!

Here is one last glamorous sample of these romantic beds for the day, this one in a room by Vicente Wolf. I love the contrast of the modern, metal canopy with that gilded, upholstered headboard. So fabulous! Pale, simple bedding and a comfy slipcovered bench give the room a serene mood, while the bed canopy and wall panels give it a linear feel and cozy orderliness.

Here's to a fabulous bed (hopefully one is in my future) and a luxurious night's sleep!

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