Thursday, September 16, 2010

The charming console

Room by Jay Jeffers

I love console tables! They can be used for just about anything! Throw one behind a couch to hold a pair of lamps and drinks. Put a tray, some wine, and glasses on one and you have an impromptu bar. In a dining room, it becomes a sideboard/server and, by the front door, it becomes a catch-all for bags and bills and phones.

Room by Jay Jeffers

Okay, okay. So sometimes they are for sheer beauty alone!

I love a console with a little more heft to it, like the dresser used above by Peter Dunham or the large sideboard used by Todd Merrill below.

Entry by photographer Victoria Pearson

Design by Jay Jeffers

Consoles also make a great spot for displaying artwork and collector's items, such as the bust and stone obelisk above.

Note how the photographs on the consoles below are casually propped against the wall. What a great effect that has! (These two photos are from Ellen Pompeo's house, which was designed by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard.)

I love how John Saladino uses a gorgeous tapestry to define the area above the overscaled console table. In his book, Style by Saladino, he talks quite a bit about scale: monumental, residential, and human. I love how he accomplishes that here, carrying the eye from the tapestry to the balustrade lamps to the pair of comfortable chairs. His use of grand pieces is never at the expense of comfort.

Aren't you just loving the fabulous variety in Jay Jeffers designs (such as the mid-century mod style above)!

So one final pic for the day: a console from a Park Avenue apartment by David Netto. This is my personal favorite from this collection of photos. What can I say, I like to save the best for last!

I love the marble top console, love the orange on the matching chairs, love the fossil, love the lamps, love the starburst mirror. Netto, I've got nothing but love for you! Ha!

My mom is giving me a fabulous antique, marble top, Empire style pier table that she no longer uses, and, looking at these pics, I just can't wait to find a home for it! I will definitely post pics when I do!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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