Monday, September 20, 2010


Entry by Jay Jeffers

It's Monday and, as I'm sure everyone's dragging a bit, I thought I would feature some interiors that are luminous and light. Surely the radiance of these rooms can clear up even the cloudiest of Mondays!

Home of fashion designer Jill Stuart

What these rooms lack in color (most offering a strict palette of white on the walls and upholstery), they certainly make up for in style and elegance!

Home of photographer Victoria Pearson

I love how the color white has a chameleonic property to it, working with just about all interior styles. In that way, it would seem to act as a neutral, but, to me, it is a quite potent color, defining the spaces in which it's used.

Living room by Steven Volpe

Bedroom by Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler favors white walls for many of her projects. "White defines and strengthens the architecture, so it lends itself to being the most beautiful backdrop for design."

How elegant is this living room by Eric Cohler! I love how the framing and millwork on the walls are whited out so that they are noticeable, but don't steal all the attention away from the intriguing furnishings and objets (like that amazing sculpture and crystal obelisks).

I like how Ginger Barber uses whitewashed walls and crisp bedding to give this bedroom a light and fresh feel. I love when white is paired with equally airy furnishings, such as sisal carpets or lucite furniture.

Dining area by Timothy Whealon

Darryl Carter is another designer who favors white spaces. "White generally creates an unobtrusive background, allowing your art and furniture to speak for themselves," he says.

And, in these last two rooms by Carter, they speak volumes.

Here's to a bright and happy week!

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