Thursday, September 9, 2010

Creature comforts

One of my new favorites in the design world is animal print. I am just dying to use this somewhere! It can add such texture to a room, plus a bit of whimsy (and wildness)! Of course, it should probably be used in limited quantities or you risk ending up like the poor leopard lady on Thom Filicia's Tacky House!

For instance, this royal blue, zebra-striped entryway by Ashley Whittaker is definitely risky, but, since this is the only place in the home where she uses this much pattern, it acts as a playful introduction to the rest of the relatively serene design.

Even the smallest dose of leopard, zebra, or tiger can add such playfulness to a room, or give a formal room an exotic edge.

Although I love all the animal prints shown in this post, I am intrigued by the tiger stripe shown in these next few photos. This first picture is a study designed by Albert Hadley and illustrates how to give a traditional room an unexpected twist.

Markham Roberts also employed this pattern in several of his projects (above and below). To me, it is less conventional than the other prints.

Roberts also explores animal print as a flooring option in the absolutely gorgeous room below.

I just love the contrast of the traditional landscape painting and armchair with this leopard rug!

Richard Mishaan has the same idea in the living room above, where he uses a faux deer hide rug to add another subtle texture to the muted patterns already on the armchairs and ottoman.

Jeffrey Bilhuber uses a leopard pattern to carpet the foyer and stairs of this lovely home. Many people may fear that the use of this much leopard would be tacky or extreme, but, as Bilhuber shows us here, it can be incredibly elegant!

Zebra is another fun pattern to introduce in a room due to its graphic black and white coloring. Even the smallest hint can be dramatic, as Skye Kirby of Lillian August says, "a little bit of zebra goes a long way"!

Kirby illustrates this idea by using just a touch of zebra in the crisp living room above.

Mary McDonald limits her use of animal print in this room to one classic ottoman, while Joe Nye mixes it up below with leopard in the serene study of his West Hollywood residence.

Throw pillows bring a flash of fauna to these rooms by Stephen Shubel (above) and Markham Roberts (below).

At The Parker hotel in Palm Springs, Jonathan Adler puts a bamboo and leopard bench at the foot of a bed, adding a far-east flair to the mod style of the rest of the room (below).

So, are you hearing the call of the wild yet? (Ha!) Alright then, I will end this post with a couple of photos from the home of the queen of subtleties, Suzanne Kasler. With a deft hand, she combines pieces of all different styles to create truly inspired interiors.

And one of my all-time favorite rooms....

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