Friday, July 15, 2011


Dining room by Thomas Hamel

Today I wanted to feature a piece that is so graceful and striking: a chair called a klismos that comes from a centuries-old Greek design. Ancient form translated into modern use? Classic!

Klismos chairs are typically seen in black, as above, but I'll feature a few twists on that tradition in this post, as well as some classic examples. (Don't you just love all the contrasting materials Hamel uses above: the pale wood fretwork against chunky stone floors, the almost dainty glass and chrome chandeliers above the slab-top table and deep black of the klismos?)

Living room by Jeffrey Bilhuber

Bilhuber goes in a completely different direction with his klismos: painting them white, upholstering them in a plush fabric, and placing them in a traditionally designed country house! (I love how he always keeps me guessing!)

Seating area in New York loft by White Webb

Isn't it amazing that this chair's design is so old, yet it looks perfectly at home in such modern digs?

Design by Courtney Giles

I love how fellow Southerner (and fellow Auburn grad) Courtney Giles uses these gilded-back examples in this hearth-side arrangement. They seem to mimic the gold of the Louis Philippe mirror above and the black fireplace surround below. Great design!

Dining area by McAlpine Booth Ferrier

Here are two photos that show the design range of klismos chairs... and of McAlpine's interiors as well!

Outdoor dining patio by McAlpine Booth Ferrier

Goodness, this picture gets me every time. It is from an Atlanta home that was featured in Veranda some years ago, and it is still just as gorgeous to me now as it was when I first saw it gracing the cover!

Patio seating area by Paula + Martha

Dining room by Martensen Jones Interiors

What an elegant space. I love how the klismos chairs help anchor all the pale and pastel tones in this room.

Living/dining area by Jackye Lanham

This last photo absolutely takes my breath away: so warm and, yet, so intriguing. Interiors like this make me wish I could just wander all over this home to take in all the fabulous details!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. My favorite are the gilded backs. I have not seen these chairs often. You assembled a wonderful collection!

  2. Thanks, Ann! I do think those are my favorite as well!

  3. Klismos, I think somehow the name makes these chairs look more interesting. Cool collection.

  4. Ha ha! Yes, Charlie, very exotic indeed! ;)