Monday, March 14, 2011

Blue Mood

Design by T. Keller Donovan

Blue seems to be generally accepted as a soothing and peaceful color, ideally suited for a bedroom where relaxation is key. But what about blue patterns in a bedroom? I think these rooms show that they can still work brilliantly: the energy and movement that patterns inevitably bring being tempered by the natural calm of this cool hue. Enjoy!

Bedroom by Charlotte Moss

Bright blue walls, a toile-like floral draping the bed, patterned stools, and an amalgam of furnishings.... As Charlotte Moss said in her lecture, "Why not!"

Design by Garrow Kedigian

What a sweet and pleasingly calm room by Mr. Kedigian!

Design by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Always creative and with a hint of the exotic, Lawrence-Bullard's interiors are quite refreshing, shown here in varying shades of blue.

Bedroom by Elaine Griffin

I like how Miss Griffin contrasted the bold pattern of the wallpaper with the clean lines of the bed and the crisp white of the linens.

Design by Eddie Ross

I adore this faux canopy bed by Eddie Ross! Note how the deep indigo fabric (outlined with that gorgeous trim) is on the outside of each panel and the chinoiserie-style toile (matching the walls) lines the inside. What an inventive space!

Bedroom by Sara Gilbane Interiors

Here's to a great week ahead!

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