Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How people really live

Foyer in home of Andy and Kate Spade - photo via The Selby

I love seeing inside other people's homes. Whether it is a house museum or a holiday tour of homes, I can never get enough. I especially love it when the spaces are classic and grand, yet truly lived-in and comfortable, like these rooms in the home of the fabulous Kate Spade.

Parquet floors and gilded Italian mirror? Check. Place to throw your bag and coat when you walk in the door? Also, check. Outrageously large Aubusson rug and perfectly pinch-pleated drapes? Check. Cozy fire and comfy place to snuggle up and read? Again, check.

This is the kind of real living I am thinking of: casual glamour at its best. I am not talking about having the most expensive fabrics or furnishings, but being able to seamlessly marry comfort with beauty. Not an impossible challenge at all!

Living room in home of Andy and Kate Spade - photo via The Selby

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