Friday, March 25, 2011


Foyer by Eddie Ross

A recent comment by the lovely Miss Regina of Fauxology made me realize that walls are just as valuable a palette for creativity as the rooms they surround. I tend to stick to paint alone to create a mood in a room, but these designers (and the wallpaper or artists and artisans they utilize) show that decorative wall finishes significantly enhance the beauty of a space.

Bedroom by Miles Redd

I love how shimmering and ethereal this space is - perfect for a bedroom! Redd makes sure to ground the space, though, with a few traditional wood pieces and the rich green fabric on an accent chair.

Vignette by Todd Gribben of Gris

I love this vignette set against the painted wallpaper: all those lovely warm tones!

Design by Robert Couturier

Look closely and you will see the diamond pattern on the walls. What a great way to add texture and a subtle hint of geometry to a room.

Design by Elaine Griffin

I love this room: the tables, the chair, the lamps... the walls!

Design by José Solís Betancourt

Where would you use these finishes/wallpapers in your home? Or would you?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness, more beautiful eye candy! The Todd Gribben vignette is just beautiful as is the room by Elaine Griffin. The mural over the jib door is fantastic, too. Oh, I love them all! Look forward to learning more about those designers. Thank you -- and for the mention as well!

  2. No problem! I loved hearing more about Paulin Paris on your Portrait of an Artist Series, too! I love all the work you've done at the different Kessler properties as well! Just gorgeous!