Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bunny Trail

Bunny Williams at home with dog, Lucy - photo courtesy of NYSD

Today I wanted to feature a few pretty pictures of interiors by a very talented lady: Bunny Williams. Miss Williams is originally from Virginia, and, I imagine, holds those Southern roots dear.

All home photos courtesy of Lonny

These pictures feature a home in Sea Island, Georgia, and perfectly illustrate her innate talent at creating elegant, yet consistently comfortable interiors. 

I love how these rooms are so light and bright, and, yet, are somehow atypical for a beach house. Clean and comfortable, but without the kitsch!

I love this room. Doesn't it make you want to go there and sit a while? When Williams was asked in an interview about the trade-off between aesthetics and comfort, she replied, "I don’t really think you have to sacrifice anything if you work at it." She does this so well: beautiful spaces that are inviting and livable. How perfect!

Half way through the week, guys!

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