Friday, January 21, 2011

Bust a Move: Part I

Design by Michael S. Smith

I love accessories that have a weathered and sort of historic appeal to them, and busts certainly achieve that look. They seem regal and serious, bringing a stately mood to just about any interior.

A few months ago my mother bestowed upon me a bust that had been recently, well, busted. It was dropped by some movers and, she felt, ruined. But I liked the aged look it gave to the poor guy (seen in the photo above with his broken nose) and took him in as my own.

I'd say he fits in quite well with my random assortment of things!

Living room by Martensen Jones Interiors

I kind of like this smaller, more modern variation of a traditional bust. It suits the clean, bright interiors well, don't you think?

Photo courtesy of Cote de Texas

Conversely, the bust above seems right at home in this dark, opulent, and masculine library.

Foyer by Delphine Krakoff

Miss Krakoff gives the foyer above a touch of Hollywood glam with this intense and gilded model.

Design by Steven Sills
This vignette exudes a warm, but museum-like, feel. Is it me, or do the bust and antique mirror totally steal the show here?

Home of Tony Baratta courtesy of NYSD

I love the collection of busts and other sculpture displayed on these amazing shelves. So grand and, yet, so modern!

Design by John Saladino

This last photo for the day is from one of my favorites: John Saladino. His use of silk, stone, and architectural elements big and small, make him the most elegant of minimalists, giving his interiors the "aura of a Renaissance painting" (says one author).

Have a wonderful weekend and look out for more to come next week!

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