Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Various Incarnations of Cozy

A welcoming foyer by Katie Brown

It is a bitterly cold and irrepressibly wet night here in Alabama. It looks like we are in for some snow after the sleet gives us a good chill. So, sitting here in my innumerable layers of clothing, I began thinking of how cozy my little house is and the methods I used to create that feeling. I am a fan of layers: layers of art, books, fabrics, styles. I love finding something new to throw in the mix, and seeing how it creates a new dynamic among the objects with which it's placed.

Vignettes create an attractive display while also providing an intimate look into a home's occupants and I think those kinds of personal touches are great way to make a house feel more cozy.

My most recent purchase was this vintage, painted ice bucket. I could not resist the pattern, colors, and texture of this unassuming little piece. I do not have many vintage items, but I do like the way they add playfulness to more serious traditional pieces (such as the marble-top, Empire pier table on which it sits).

I love this table. The color of the wood and the veining in the marble are so lovely and the curve of the legs so simple that this piece never fails to charm me when I look at it.

This little vignette is still evolving, but, since I do love having pictures casually set on the table top this way, I think the photos will stay. The largest photo on the left was taken by my very talented sister, the docking station was a Christmas present from her and my brother-in-law, and the mica shade was a happy find from my new favorite lamp store, Baker Lamps and Linens. I still need to properly plant the orchid in the ice bucket (doesn't that sound funny), but I think the items set in this manner have an overall pleasing look so far.

So what do you think "coziness" is?

Guest room by Eric Lysdahl

Is coziness... a daybed with fabric softly draped over its sides and plenty of pillows on which to recline? (I think the wall and ceiling color complements well the mood set by the elegant, yet comfortable furnishings, and creates a restful cocoon.)

Design by Sean McNally featured in Lonny magazine
 Is coziness... layers upon layers of color and trinkets and collections?

Design by Sean McNally

Bedroom by Delphine Krakoff
 Is coziness... a warm fur blanket to wrap up in at night and a plush surface under your feet when you wake?

Landing design by John Peixinho

Is coziness... lots of cut wood at the ready for a roaring fire on a snowy night? (Isn't this pinky-lavender wall color pretty? Lavender is a growing favorite of mine.)

Design by Michael De Perno

Is coziness... coming home to the pups you love?

Home of photographer William Waldron and his wife Malene

Is coziness... a roaring fire in a chunky stone fireplace?

Library photo courtesy of Cote de Texas

Or is coziness... being surrounded by the beautiful things you love? (What an incredible library!)

However you define coziness, I hope you are staying warm and cozy out there!

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