Friday, January 28, 2011

Inspiration Interpretation

And so it begins....

Artwork by Artman757 on Etsy

Again, this is just an example, but here is how it all started... My friend, "K" we'll call her, saw a painting while we were out and wondered if I could design interiors based on that painting. The painting was not exactly like, but not totally unlike, the painting above. It had horses in it, textural, chunky paint, and maybe an American flag in there somewhere (although K was quick to point out that she doesn't necessarily like Americana kitsch).

So I thought.... and thought.... and thought, then I started looking. I had seen designs (of which style I am unaware) that looked kind of Spanish, kind of California, kind of western, but kind of traditional. So, I set out to find pics that could help me pin down the ideas swirling around in my brain.

Home of Diane Keaton featured in Architectural Digest

It all started coming together when I saw a picture from Diane Keaton's book, California Romantica, that was part of an editorial in a magazine. It displayed (coincidentally enough) a beautiful painting of horses over a heavy wood console. (The photo above is from an older layout in AD.)

Bedroom by Michael S. Smith

I immediately thought of Michael Smith, too. He did a house in Arizona that was featured in last September's Veranda where he employed oriental rugs and heavy wood furnishings to create a eclectic, worldly sort of look.

Vignette by Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wiseley

Vignette by Schuyler Samperton

K is a very fun and colorful person so, when I saw this photo of a stylish but playful room by Miss Samperton, I knew it had to be considered as well.

Design by Joe Minton

And you can never really go wrong with bright, blue-and-white pottery (especially when paired with heavy, wood furnishings).

So, with all of these photos as inspiration, I created the following living room....

These are just a few of the items I put together for K's future living room. (The layout of the room would obviously depend on her future apartment's design.) The background would be the wall color, Cape May Cobblestone by Benjamin Moore. The plein aire-style painting is by Tom Brown, the Karlstad sofa is by IKEA, the linen ikat curtains are West Elm, and the rug is World Market. The blue-and-white ginger jar and French altar candlestick lamp images were found in random online searches, while the metal scrollwork bench and English barley-twist cabinet are antiques found at a local antiques gallery.

K said she wanted interiors she could grow into and layer onto, and I think these pieces would give her home a sense of style, while still allowing her the freedom to build her own collections of artwork and accessories over time.

So.... what d'ya think? (Please be kind! I am a beginner after all!)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. "K" loves it! Can't wait till I have the living room into which all this will go!

  2. Actually -- I think that wall color is VERY similar to the one in my living room! The one that I can never capture. :) Although mine's not Benjamin Moore. I like it.