Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bust a Move: Part II

Manolo Blahnik at his home in England

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Now let's get back to our sophisticated sculptural subject: busts!

I love the contrast of the red upholstery and the cool aqua walls in the room above. The bust, however, is in perfect sync with the grand mantelpiece and moldings.

Vignette by Eric Lysdahl

Living room by Thomas Britt

More red upholstery abounds in this sunny room by Thomas Britt. I love how the plants in the room are used as a type of sculpture, too, punctuating the doorways and large windows.

Design by Jay Jeffers

Another great contrast. Here you can see how the bust (along with that unique suit-of-armor mirror) ground the rather fanciful lavender walls and mirrored dresser.

Design by Garrow Kedigian

What a warm and masculine room. I love the combination of the wall color, painting, and dark, plush settee.

Vignette by Gary Spain

Gary Spain certainly knows how to go bold, but I love how, in this case, he tempers the graphic wallpaper with warm flooring, traditional furnishings (I love that dresser), and solid accessories.

Design by Gary Spain

Dining room by Richard Norris and Mark Leslie

I like how Norris declared that, since this dining room is not isolated, it has become a place to "linger over meals, plan trips, and discuss our problems".

Foyer by Timothy Whealon

Love, love, love this foyer! It seems more like a garden room than a foyer. What a cheerful room to come home to!

Living room by Matthew Patrick Smyth

I am ending today with one of my favorite designers: Matthew Patrick Smyth. I love his elegantly eclectic interiors, and this space is a perfect example. The pair of busts at the far end of the room have great scale, anchoring the space perfectly. My favorite pieces in the room are, by far, the delicate, gothic armchair and the fabulous, painted pedestal table. (Oh how I would love to have one for my own home!) This room is pretty but tidy, and grounded yet bright. Lovely!

Have a happy Tuesday!


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  2. Thank you so much, Patricia! Please do keep me posted about your upcoming books and thanks for stopping by!