Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walk the Line

Bedroom design by Peter Dunham

One pattern that keeps catching my eye recently is striped. I love how many variations it comes in, and how, even when saturated with color, it can still provide such a solid base for a room.

Bedroom by Peter Dunham

Ticking stripes are a popular option right now and I love the casual charm they possess.

Living room by India Hicks
Note how the lines of the wall panels are mimicked by the ticking on the cozy sofa, creating a tidy, but comfortable, look.

Carolina Herrera takes stripes in a much different direction, creating calm and order in her very elegant living room. Note how the vertical stripes on the wall really accentuate those soaring ceilings!

Bedroom by Tobi Fairley

I love how playful stripes can be, as well. Despite the boldness of the colors on the bed above, it still remains orderly and refined.

Design by Tobi Fairley

Alternately, in this sophisticated color palette of red, white, and blue, this foyer still feels fun and energetic.

Living room by Jay Jeffers

Don't those chair pillows look just like candy?

Pic courtesy of Pink Wallpaper blog

I love this very simple, yet quite lovely, dining area. The color and width of these stripes is, to me, just perfect!

Design by Chad Eisner

Chad Eisner uses a similar wide-stripe style above, but in a much more traditional setting. I love that etagere, painting, and the plaid window shades paired with the reserved stripes.

Bedroom by Katie Ridder
I love how Miss Ridder carried the smaller stripes all the way up the vaulted ceiling and then used bolder, more variegated stripes on the rug. Love those ikat drapes too!

Our last photo of the day is from the fabulous Mr. Gary Spain. His designs are so original and innovative, bold and engaging. (You must look at his website.) I get so much inspiration from looking at his designs! Anyone that can use Bertoia and Biedermeier, French country and modern, all in one space (and so beautifully) has my heart!

Living room by Gary Spain
I want to call this chair stripe "Venetian" although I'm not sure why. I guess it just seems to have that playful European style so embodied by Venetians!

Have a great day!

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